Gifts of Silent Darkness

The morning was dark as coal with barely a shadow in the distance.  Light of the moon flickered behind floating grey clouds, reminding me of scattering mice.  Perhaps they were parting in preparation for the morning sun, soon to rise above God’s great horizon?

It was an early hour, slightly before five am.  “Doodle” dog rustled under an heirloom quilt to drag me from the warmth of my bed.  “Noooo,” I remember mumbling silently.  It was too early to get up.  Grabbing his leash together with my shoes and a coat, I trudged to the out of doors where cold frost slapped my toasty face.

S.I.L.E.N.C.E.  Peace and quiet everywhere.  So much so, that I was afraid to breathe out loud for fear of waking something up.  There were no gusts of snow, no  swoosh of wind or snapping of twigs within my little forest land.  Creatures were sleeping, I presumed, resting within hallowed logs or under piles of musty fallen leaves.

Houses along my street remained dark inside except for a nightlight or two.  Friends and neighbors rested on down pillows while young children dreamed of Little Boy Blue or Santa Clause coming soon.  The moon cast shadows of light together with rooftop reflections of Christmas bulbs in different colored hues from glowing rooftops against the back of my yard.  Red, blue, green, gold and white.  They sparkled and shined in tones that snapped brightly against a sky of  blackness.   Then, out of the corner of my eye, a slight movement in the distance near.  Doodle dog did not move or even bark.  Instinctively, I quickly turned my head.

Between the trees of Bradford pear and Redbud, a lone majestic buck with antlers of eight stood tall and straight slightly up the hill.  His rack of antlers was large and wide, making me wonder how he carried the weight atop the crest of him?  He looked at me, as I did him without a single gesture.  Neither of us made a sound, nor did the forest or even the air surrounding us.  God granted me an early morning gift in the darkness before dawning hues.  What a magnificent surprise!

*God shall gift you with treasures if willing to listen to silence while seeing through darkness.

*all photographs courtesy of Google


20 thoughts on “Gifts of Silent Darkness

    • Thank you, Mary, for visiting me. I value your time in reading my post and commenting. I just stopped by your own blog to discover an entire series of books that look truly fascinating! Well done! 🙂


  1. Hi kim , you are obviously enjoying your pre-dawn forays into your environs if your pics are descriptions are any indication…the spiritual aspect is so beautifully conveyed…wishing you a blessed holiday season………………..:):)…Raj .


    • Thank you, Raj. No camera with me at that hour so I spent much time trying to discover exactly the right images to represent such silent sights. So glad you and others are enjoying them. One could not help but feel spiritual at that hour near “my little forest land.” I thank God for allowing me to live here. Blessings.


  2. The dog’s getting under the covers, this was a familiar greeting when I was married and we shared a yellow lab. Oh, how cold his nose would be, too. And boy, did he love his walks, Kim! He would almost hop and spring through the snow, too. I loved the picture you found to represent the handsome buck you saw. You described this scene so well, I could have closed my eyes, feeling the emotions. The quiet, the awe in the moment of seeing the buck. It has been a full moon (or almost full moon) these past few days, with the clouds so awesome. I captured on my phone, a photo of fall leaves upon trees, last month when the moon was full and so bright. This was a blessed gift you saw, sharing it with us was so beautiful a gift for us, Kim.


    • A lovely, ‘silent night’ for me (early morning), Robin. Rare indeed to see a Buck so stoic and straight without any movement. It was as though even my dog was in “awe” of him! Blessings, my friend. 🙂


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