First Words

Earlier this week I picked my little grand-daughter up from Day Care.  Peering around the corner, I caught a secret glimpse of her.  Tiny and petite at only 14 months old, she sat upon colorful sponge flooring, playing with A.B.C. blocks.  “Hi little Sweetie.”  Hearing my voice, she bounced up like a silver spring, running full force towards the gate where I stood.  Smiling big and wide, the two of her little arms shot straight up into the air.  “Pick me up,” they said!

Driving home in the already dark of early night, I heard her talking to her favorite doll, the one with the bare bald head.  A reflection from the car’s rear-view mirror revealed a little angel clutching her baby oh-so-tight.  What a sight to see for me!  A rubber face of Googly Eyes smack dab next to the rosy pink of my little one’s cheek.  “Bay-bee, bay-bee,” she repeated over and over again.

Important first words for this little grand-baby of mine.  Her mommy was in the hospital for yet the third of fourth time, waiting for her little sisters of identical twins to arrive.  Still far from being due, the babes could come at any time.  God would choose when, while we prayed that all would be fine.  “Bay-bee,” a soft voice said once again.  “Yes, bay-bee,” I responded back to her.

That evening, after my munchkin ate ‘mac-n-cheese,’ played in a warm bath of yellow rubber ducks and changed into pink fuzzy footed pajamas, I cuddled and rocked her to sleep.  Gently, I laid my grand-baby into a spindled crib lit by soft blushes of a nursery night-light.  Puffs of even breath spilled from her perfect pout as she snuggled a bald rubber head together with her favorite flannel blanket sent from home.

Tiptoeing carefully towards the door, I was almost ready to shut it quietly behind me. Hushed and silent, all was still within my grand-daughter’s crib.  Until one soft, sweet familiar word.  “Bay-bee.”



35 thoughts on “First Words

  1. Awww Kim.. this is such a lovely post. And soon to have a little siblings to cuddle of her own.. Our Grandchildren bring us so much joy into out lives.. Bless her, You and your family Kim..
    Special Hugs your way too ❤


    • Thank you, Sue. So happy you have grandchildren too, such joy we share! Experience tells me these little moments will disappear far before I’m ready to let them go. Trying to savior each and every one.


    • Annette, thank you. She has the disposition of a little angel that will need lots of extra love when her “bay-bee” sisters arrive. Perhaps, I’ll spoil her just a bit more than the others??? 🙂


    • Dearest David, thank you for such wonderful Thanksgiving wishes together with your sweet comment. I have a picture in my head of your darling little grandson, clutching the worn paw of his favorite bear in the chubby fist of own. Please give him loads of hugs from me together with blessings of happiness.


    • My heart is always warmed by your presence, Butch. Sincerely appreciate your time in reading my post, especially during this busy time of year. Thank you with blessings for a beautiful Thanksgiving.


  2. Sweet! Brings tears to my eyes. So glad the boys and all of these grandbabies are close by so you and Gary can enjoy them to the fullest! Happy Thanksgiving my dear!


    • So happy to hear from you sweet Michelle!! Yes, we are so blessed and having the time of our lives with these babies! Can’t imagine two more little girls looking exactly alike coming soon! Oh, what fun it will be. My mother would have loved this ‘girliness’ so very much!! Thinking of you together with your own special three angels this time of year. Have a truly blessed Thanksgiving. Much love to you.


    • Thank you, Raj. Can’t take credit for the picture as it was borrowed from Google, but she is indeed the sweetest thing. Will surprise her later today with an extra kiss hidden in my pocket from you. 🙂


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