Thank You, Lorrie Bowden

Months have gone by since I was generously nominated by the dear Lorrie Bowden for The Versatile Blogger Award.  It looked somewhat different than I had seen before with a beautiful red flower against the bright backdrop of green.  How lucky I am, to be honored by Lorrie!


I had every heartfelt intention of accepting this lovely award long ago.  Within days of receiving it however, my bowl of life began to overflow with commitments.  Lorrie understood, telling me to, “Take my time.”  No matter now many days passed, her kind heart full of love and appreciation was never far from my mind.

I am most grateful to accept this terrific award from Lorrie, a special person to many here at WordPress.  If you haven’t had the chance to get to know her, please visit her beautiful blog at,

The rules of acceptance for this award are to share 7 interesting facts about yourself in addition to nominating 15 other bloggers for this award.

My best attempt at Seven “Interesting Facts”

  1. My first name is not Kimberly.  Whenever I’m asked, “Is your name, Kimberly?”   My answer is inevitably the same.  “No, it’s just Kim.”
  2. My favorite children’s book is “Charlotte’s Web,” by E. B. White.  I still read it to this day, sobbing uncontrollably at the loss of Wilber’s beloved and faithful friend, Charlotte.
  3. When I was expecting my first child I craved Banana Splits, gaining 52 pounds over the course of nine months. Before my last son was born, Grapefruits never left my mind or mouth.  I had to have them morning, noon and night.  During that time I gained 53 pounds.  Go figure!
  4. I’ve never been much of an athlete, choosing “Bicycling” to fill a requirement for a P.E. college class. So sad…
  5. As a young mother, I always hoped to someday have a daughter.  I never dreamed of having four grand-daughters.   Miracles do happen!
  6. If I could choose one author to have lunch with living or dead, it would be, Dominick Dunne.  I’ve read every book he ever wrote and couldn’t wait for Vanity Fair to arrive in my mailbox, flipping pages to find his column.  Although worlds apart, I always felt a special connection to him.  Several of his books are signed First Edition copies sitting on a prized wooden shelf in my library.  Such a fascinating time it would have been to sit with him in a New Your cafe, gossiping about people and places, life or anything at all in the world.  Oh, how I would have loved it!!
  7. Long ago I wanted to be an actress. How ironic, for if I had been an actress perhaps I’d be reading another author’s words today, rather than writing my own.

The Fifteen Bloggers Nominated for The Most Versatile Blogger Award:

*If you are an “Award Free Blog” or do not have time to accept please know that I understand.  Your work is always very much appreciated.


35 thoughts on “Thank You, Lorrie Bowden

  1. Kim thank you so much, I will really try to do the necessary requirements to accept this wonderful award. As with you it may take some time but I want you to know how much I appreciate it. I do love your blog and think that it’s so wonderful that you took the time to pay it forward. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, it was great reading more about you,


    • Oh, you are most welcome. Please do not worry about “time!” Holidays are so busy with other commitments, that I completely understand. Congratulations to you and enjoy!


  2. I was delighted o see this award to go to you Kim. If there’s ever one for the World’s nicest people ( perhaps I should create it) that would also wing i’s way in our direction. Thank you so much for honouring me with a nomination. I”m delighted to accept but it will take me some time to say so on my blog. Please forgive me.
    xxx I send Love and Massive Hugs xxx


    • Oh, David, you are so kind. Do not worry about thanking me on your blog, poor Lorrie probably gave-up on me long ago!! Just know that you are a wonderful writer, and a truly kind soul with a terrific blog. You are loved by many and so deserve this award…whenever it appears. Bless you.


  3. Please allow me to share my sincerest appreciation and gratitude. Just wanted to let you know that I was nominated by Kim Gosselin for the ELITE Versatile Blogger Award.

    I am honored and humbled Kim Gosselin receive and accept your award.


  4. First off, Much congratulations to you on your victory!
    I believe, blogging`s a mechanism of our hearts that works upon its soul. And, only an eye can see the depth of such purified soul that`s been a world of panoramic-view itself… across the land of words. So, needless to say, you deserved to be the wing of “versatility”… amid one of the beautiful worlds that`s, by luck, crowned by Awards. I like the way you write your blogs with such peaceful simplicity. You know what, The glory of your words remind me the quote, “There`s always a beauty in simplicity”… & that even sounds very fascinating by your loved ones.
    I must say, i`d be looking forward to reading the magnificence of your blogs. Keep writing, Kim! 😉


    • Cris, I am taken aback by such breathtaking compliments to me. How do I say “Thank You” for all that you have just given me? As a writer, it is my greatest hope to touch others through the ABC’s of my eyes. If lucky, I’m able to share journeys of life through words on a paper page or a computer screen. No greater gift for me. Tremendous thanks to you, Cris. Blessings, always.


  5. Fun post -a nd well, growing up I had a good friend named Kimberly and well, she actually had the ending “ey” and it was always something she talked about – and cleared up when we went places… Kimberley…
    and Charlotte’s Webb – how cool – oh -a nd I loved #7 – because so true so true – you may have been too busy to have a family too…. and just cool to have the path that was designed for you ❤ ❤


    • A great big smile to my face while reading your delightful comments! Always a ‘challenge’ to think of “interesting” facts about oneself. So happy you enjoyed them…relieved! Lol!! 🙂


  6. Thanks Kim! Very interesting facts…I’m trying to be award free but I’m always looking for ways to mention my fellow bloggers so I’ll have a think. Have a great weekend!


  7. Oh, Kim!! You are so wonderful. Thank you thank you! I am honored by your beautiful words. And honestly, I never gave it another thought…in fact I was surprised to see my name in one of your posts 🙂 I am thrilled you feel honored and so happy to meet your honorees!! 🙂 Much love, Kim! ❤ ❤


  8. Congratulations Kim, a worthy award and a worthy recipient.
    They are certainly interesting facts about you, especially the grapefruits.
    May you enjoy a long prosperous life in the wordpress world.
    Ian aka Emu

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Thank you so much Kim for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I accept with pleasure and deep gratitude. I am also starting to check out the other nominee’s blogs and have a a great read xx Rowena


  10. You deserve this wonderful award Kim.. And I loved reading new things about yourself.. So pleased to be reading your own written words Kim.. Much better than reading another’s :-D..
    Love and Blessings


    • Sue, I don’t know how to thank you for such an overwhelming compliment to me…words such as yours are truly inspirational. When times seem bleak, I only need to re-read them for a little push back to my old worn keyboard. Bless you dear friend for all of your caring support.


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