God’s Matinee

Unexpectedly, snow began to fall.  Flakes in different sizes and shapes were seen from a sky colored in smudged charcoal that seemed to be sketched against a slanted artist’s easel from Paris.  Falling freely, endlessly.  White and wet.

Not yet winter, the picture before me fooled even God’s seasoned calendar.  A fall that fell quite early it seemed, leaving crinkled leaves suddenly damp within the woodland trees behind my home.  Colors of finality dipped in burgundy and muted gold spoke volumes to creatures living in the forest.

This morning before rising, I delighted in viewing nature’s entertainment seen through the bow of my bedroom window.  Surely, it could have been a miniature version of the famous Circe-de-Solei!   Dancing acrobatically, bushy tails of nutmeg twirled and flew.  No net was underneath lest they fall or break a neck.

Wheee!!  Padded paws on furry limbs passed each other, swinging on trapeze bars of wired imagination.  Two by two.  Or, perhaps I saw them grabbing on to nothing more than hanging vines?  Acorns fell to the ground, leaving minute indentations in the snow.  Little plops of nests where forest fairies might stop to rest.  Time to take a break or sit and see the next matinée of the day.

When the opportunity arises, enjoy God’s life of free-living and breathing entertainment.  Nature is always putting on a show.  Open your eyes to see the spellbinding world surrounding you.  No reservations needed!

30 thoughts on “God’s Matinee

    • Oh, Ian, simply breathtaking beauty when the snow first falls from the sky! Although, I wouldn’t mind a bit of that “hot” summer you’re speaking of!. Many thanks, as always to you. God Bless.

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  1. May I compliment you kim on images you have created with words and pics to convey grandeur of the divine artist . The painter and poet in you is beautifully manifest in ‘god’s matinee’ , and blessings of the grand creator are visible in beauty that surrounds you by way of happily fulfilled family with children and grand children…best wishes…raj

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    • Dear Raj, such a fine compliment indeed that I thank you for. One that has indeed warmed my heart through and through on this very chilly morning here in St. Louis. So kind of you to send me such wonderful wishes. Thank you indeed, Raj. With happiness, I welcome you. Blessings.


  2. Pretty winter wonderland arrived too early. We’ve had snow for the past two days as well. It looks like the snow’s already been here a while instead of only two days.
    Your photos are gorgeous. the squirrels have my vote, but that’s not saying the rest of them aren’t picture perfect as well.. ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. I love your out look on the season…always gives me warm cozy feelings 🙂
    We drove to Pennsylvania this weekend and we juuuuust missed the snow storm…I was so bummed, but we got to drive in it for a little while. I love snow…but I would have loved to enjoy it as you did…looking at the white flakes fall on the trees and seeing the little critters scamper around…with a nice cozy sweater on and a cup of tea in hand…mmmm. And the sweet aroma of cinnamon and vanilla filling my warm home.


    • Oh, sounds so good. That’s what I missed…a cup of tea with cinnamon! How perfect it would have been if only I held a warm cup of tea while viewing my furry friends! So glad you had a safe trip driving to Pennsylvania. The roads were not very good around here! Thank you for your heartfelt and warming compliments.


    • A kind and sincere, “Thank You.” I can actually say that I did take them from my simple little I-phone. Such a beautiful day to discover the snow falling in my back yard. A pleasure to capture them! 🙂


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