14 thoughts on “Believe

  1. kim , this is indeed a wonderful visual of morning sun lighting up your land and enhancing beauty of the tree in the foreground and surrounding areas with touches of gold…may i ask you to paint it and send it across….raj .


    • Thank you with sincerest love, Raj. Today was indeed her very last, and memories of her final hours will forever linger within my heart. Not so much the pain of them, but the love we shared together with the life lessons she taught me to last until my own passing day.


  2. And, the pic.`s as beautiful as the crimson shades of your delicate heart. Indeed. Yeah, Miracles always happen and no one can predict `em not… at all… cause, they`re just meant to be “happened”, no matter what. Every single damn day brings something new to our hearts that can only be measured by the perceptions we`ve got `bout things. But you know what, when it`s a matter `bout “success”, no miracle seems to be happened, may be, cause of fragile winds of time which blow to nowhere. You`ve put a very deep imagery across the page even painted the depth of your insights unto words & that`s what I love `bout you… & your stuffs as well. Keep painting the world on love along the winds of your creativity that brings your loved ones to peace!


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