Life and Death

I am not to question why the flame of a candle dims, burning out unexpectedly.  Around me, the air feels of slight warm breath.  Floating, cloud like and breezy.  Tipped wick of soot flickers, igniting new light within.   From a cocoon, new butterfly wings flicker and flutter in colors of crayon yellow, red and burning blue.  Rejoice in all things anew.

Kim Gosselin


24 thoughts on “Life and Death

  1. This was one that could be about people’s impressions left on other’s lives. I am sending you a hug, if this is the case and hoping that your memories will be warm and hold you in a tight embrace, healing with the power of all kinds of good thoughts sent your way, too. The passage you wrote could be more about our seasonal changes that make us adapt to different weather and other parts of this life of ever changing things. We may rejoice in new life of all kinds, so true, Kim!


    • Thank you dearly, Robin. An unexpected death in the family left me pondering life, I guess. Most definitely, my words can relate to the changes in seasons as well. How quickly they come upon us! Many blessings to you for this beautiful week ahead with love and inspiration.


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