Kaleidoscope of Miracles

Shadows of darkness surround me everywhere, yet they soothe my soul.

Not to worry.  I see everything, everywhere.  Up above, my mother’s heart so near.  Pink and dear.  It beats with love, do you hear?  Thump…thump, thump…thump. It’s comforting to me.

Take a breath.  Deep.  Deeper still.  Hold it now.  Close your eyes to imagine picture postcards of the unimaginable.  Trust me enough to view this kaleidoscope of miracles.

Tip-toe through sparkles of ocean sand.  Feel liquid warmth of foaming white trickling over toes…1 to 10.  That’s me!  Brush wispy flying hair away from sweet soft face.  Lift a coral conch shell aloft to your tender ear.  Quiet now.  Listen closely.  Slight waves are washing back and forth.  Shhhh… that’s what I hear.

Swooosh!  My tiny torso just flipped like a fish in the sea.  Swimming… such a small space inside for me.  My mother felt it.  My father could see!  A miniature foot kicking to the top of the roof!   Arms of slight floating every which way with hands of fragile fingers.  I touch clear walls.  Like jelly it feels…ohhh, so magical!

This is exactly the place for me to be.  Right now, here in this moment.  Far too early for precious lungs to fill with air on earth.  My mother prays.   She rests her head on goose down pillows while caressing gentle hands beneath a bulging belly.  Yes, that’s me, and more.  Wait you see…..

Look closely.  There she is, just below.  A mirror image of myself sleeping in a separate sac.  Ohhhh, eyes wide open looking back!!  Since the day of conception my sister has been here with me.  In the beginning she was a secret, until doctor’s discovered her.  Soon she’ll be shared with all the world.  But, for now she is mine alone and I am hers.  We are identical, yet different.  While I am swimming in the sea, she is taking a nap!

Look now through your kaleidoscope of miracles to see the unimaginable.

Didn’t I tell you?

26 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope of Miracles

    • How ironic that I just left your site! Thank you so very much for visiting mine! Did not realize that you had just won your most deserving award-CONGRATULATIONS! Ellie is truly,a marvelous gift to the world, don’t you think? Your blog is deep with meaning, love and inspiration. I felt a warm welcome as soon as I opened ‘your door.’ Honored to know you now, Jody. With love to you.

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