Good health is the most important asset in our world of life of living.  Thank God, for each breath upon this earth.  Remember Him each time you walk or run, skip a beat or smile so happy wide.  Look to the sky while painting pictures with poetry.  Reach fingertips to touch a toddler’s chubby cheek before resting imaginations of wishes and dreams.  Thanks be to God for good health together with life itself. Gratitude.

Kim Gosselin


8 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Great message, Kim! I try to remember to thank God every time I go for a run. 🙂 I find gratitude to be an important part of happiness and peace. Thankfulness helps reduce my self-absorption and sense of entitlement.


    • So right you are, Pete. Thankful reminders all around us if we only open our eyes to see! Thank you for reading and commenting. I loved what you had to say about “self-absorption and entitlement.” Often, people get lost in those ares of life it seems….Blessings to you, Pete.

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  2. Gratitude`s all one has got in his hands to live along the winds of peace but, sadly, hardly any soul appreciates it until it`s gone. I adore this post with the depth of my seductive heart!

    It`s a very great message you`ve sent through this post to this universe to let every wandering soul know not to let your health go walk outta your life cause, once it`s gone, even the heart won`t be able to bring it all back to the puckered sheets of oceans which belonged to beautiful toes. Nice post! Keep on!

    Ps. By the way, Nice pics. especially this below one:
    (A beautiful fragile feathers… delicate lips girl in the shades of white cap covered with red top & a beautiful short jean with sizzling long legs`s looking pretty hotter than a silky milky butterfly.) *Just-Kidding*


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