Hush Little Babies

Hush little babies moving in my womb

Side by side swimming in separate pools of darkest blue

Slowly close your sweet slate eyes to feel gentle

Waves of warmth bathe scented oils….soothing over fragile paper skin

Gather calming strength with infant might for what may come to be

Too soon my loving angels, I will wait for you patiently

Yes, I’m your Mama, begging for you to grow

Listen to my tender heartbeat above you, near you, can you?

Quietly it whispers, loving you more than life itself

With help from God above, I’ll protect you ‘till the day I die

From dawn of morning light to the moon of dusk at night


18 thoughts on “Hush Little Babies

      • I can only repeat – ‘lovely’ because that is what it is. Two little girls – doesn’t get much better than that. I have three boys and only one girl. Four grandchildren and only one girl. Yet gals are the best thing of all – magic. All the very best.


      • Thank you so very, very much, Mike. I raised two boys, always longing for a little girl. My mother too, always wished to have a grand-daughter, having five grandsons before the gift of one grand-daughter. She passed away four years ago next month. Within the last two years, two little girls and a boy have come into my life. And now, these angel twins are nearly ready to be born. Praying desperately for them to be all right, healthy and well. Can’t help wishing my mother were here to share in all of my delight. If she could only see me now, soon to have FOUR grand-daughters, including identical twins. How THRILLED she would be for me! Yes, magical…..

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  1. This has tears in my eyes. I have not been blogging due to my extreme circumstances but I really look forward in getting to know you better. Your blog is beautiful. I’ll be back for more. And I really thank you for following on Petals. Love, Amy


    • No kinder compliment could ever be received, Amy, with such words to move my heart. Bless you for your strength and courage. I will look forward to getting to know you through your blog, Amy, for what I have read is lovely. Find calmness and peace though God’s many gifts, especially as we move into this next week of great, Thanksgiving. Bless you.


      • I have tears and goosebumps reading your words. I am about ready to burst into tears for real. I am just so exhausted with nerves stretched to their limits and then I read your Loving and caring words. Bless you! I am so honored that you have come into my Life. (((HUGS))) Amy


      • I have just read bits and pieces of your blog, and my heart aches for all that you have been through. Thank you so very much for your kind words. I do believe we’ve ‘connected’ for a reason meant to be. Words to help one another in life through trials and happiness. Prayers to you during this most difficult time with blessings always.


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