Cheers to Fall!

Recently, my family made a day visiting a local “Pumpkin Patch,” strollers and diaper bags in hand.  There, a whole Fall Fairground surrounded us of sorts.  Acres full of hanging fruit trees, big red barns and rows of tall, curled cornstalks colored in cream greeted us everywhere our eyes could see.  Scents of mulled cider wafted through the air together with funnel cakes and caramel corn.   Frolicking fun for everyone!

Under trees of colored leaves, Mommies held sticky hands of toddlers munching on crunchy apples dribbling juice-so-sweet.  Daddies carried bouncing babies on backs of sweatshirts rooting for favorite baseball teams.  And, children in all sizes wearing denim chased an old shaggy dog among rolling acres of an aged family orchard farm.

Together, the five of us took turns cuddling three babes, ages five months to 2 years.  Sitting on splintered wooden boards, we watched infant piglets run races behind straw bales of golden hay.  Faster and faster their mini legs ran.  This little piggy went, “Wee, Wee, Wee.”   Round and Round….who would win?  Wait to see!  A prize for everyone under three!!

Next we went to feed scraggly goats, precious calves and wooly white lambs fenced off in wires of metal grey.  “Look my innocents, watch Grandma now,” I said, holding hands with palms so flat.  Before a flash, a crowd of hungry mouths with teeth so big and wide came to crash!  Nibbled from tentative palms holding crumbled kibble in toasty brown, tongues larger than life lapped faster than quarters could buy.

At the end of the day, grandbabies played in mounds of hay.  Snap!  Magic moments happened within the click of a thumb and forefinger.  Teeny feet jumped in scattered piles oh-so-soft and oh-so-tall.  Giggles from deep could be heard for miles around.  “Poof!”  High into the sky.  Bits and pieces flew everywhere, like confetti on New Year’s Eve!  Arms of pink reached up with itty-bitty hands.  High, higher still.  Floating down, straws of corn-yellow in slow motion.  One…two…three, right by me.

Leaves sparkled in whispering trees.  Golden yellow, burnt orange and sizzling red.  Crisp and curling at edges.  Some falling.  Sunshine warmed faces through breezes from beryl-blue skies above.  Toys were not needed here.  Sippy cups tipped in unison.  Life so good.  Cheers!!  Ahhhhh…..




26 thoughts on “Cheers to Fall!

    • Thank you, Annette. I’m a bit behind as this was a week or so ago, but we had the very BEST day. My other daughter-in-law was at home on bed rest, but in our hearts. BTW: Thank you so very much for all of your prayers. She was released yesterday. Everything stable for now. Back on bed rest with medication. Some for baby’s lungs and growth with prayers for a few more weeks, at very least. Your angels are with them, I know. Just found out-“Identical,” even though they have separate sacs. The doctor was so surprised. You ARE their “Fairy Godmother!” 🙂 Love to you. XXOO

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  1. We definitely had more fun going in search of pumpkins than we did carving them. Being outside, visiting a farm, going on a hay ride – those are all favorite memories around here. Thanks for sharing yours.


  2. what a great collage you give us – and love your words – “Together, the five of us took turns cuddling three babes, ages five months to 2 years…” ahhhh – family bonding…
    and I read in the comment about your d-i-l – and glad yo hear she is home and I will keep her in my prayers for strength and health and that she stays stable – 🙂 ❤ ❤ Have a nice day


  3. What a wonderful and precious ‘memory day’ you all created and shared! I will add my heartfelt good wishes for your dear daughter in law, bless her. Hugs Eily x. P.s the pix are adorable!


    • Oh, thank you dear Eily! Yes, a beautiful day was had by all, and bless you for your wishes to my daughter-in-law. Holding her own while checking off each and every day. More than three months to go, but we’re praying to God for at least three more weeks. Love to you.

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    • Oh, thank you truly Patricia for reading and commenting. Visiting this “Pumpkin Patch” was much more than I ever could have imagined it to be…all due to sweet ‘bumpkins’ in my lap. Blessings.


  4. A thoroughly enjoyable post Kim, great pics and beautiful descriptive narration.
    It was lovely to see the little ones in the hay, a beautiful day to remember.


    • Ian, such a cheerful day for all of us. We often forget how the wonder of simplicity works within our lives. Magical. Thank you so much for your loyalty in being with me here. Blessings this week with inspiration to you.


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