Prayers for “Doodle” Dog

Upon returning from vacation last Saturday evening, I learned of my beloved “Doodle” dog’s injury. Opening the door to plop overstuffed bags down on my entry tile floor, a familiar howl of excitement greeted me.  There he was!  A fluffy white head cocked to the side as if to say, “Where have you been?  “Why did you leave me?”

Doodles did not jump upon my leg in order to be petted or picked-up as expected …a telltale sign.  Instead, dark eyes stared wide and open, misty even…pleading in puppy-dog communication.  His nose, normally jet black and moist to the touch appeared coca-brown, uneven in color.  Bending down for a kiss, it felt warm and slightly rough upon my lips gentle brush.  A few seconds later, Doodles limped away from me.

It was midnight, what could I do?  Doodles lay upon my bed the whole night through.  A few hours later, the first appointment available was made at the vet for 10:00 pm.  There was nothing to be done except to make him as comfortable as possible and wait.  Sunday near midnight, I learned of the extent of Doodles injury.  In fairness to our pet sitter, she texted me earlier in the week to let me know that he had been running when suddenly he stopped with a short yelp.  Afterwards, he started limping.  It wasn’t her fault and she certainly didn’t know how serious it was.  Accidents happen.

My dog-baby has completely torn most of the ligaments in his left-rear leg and blown his ACL.  I’d like to believe otherwise, but most likely he will need surgery.  An appointment is made to see a specialist and surgeon early next week.  Until then, he’s on medication, sleeping on a fuzzy fleece bed to the side of my half-moon desk.

Normally, I take this kind of news in stride except Doodles has already had two surgeries on a different leg at two different times for the same reason.  Two surgeries, two months of rehab (each), lots of $$$$ with a tremendous risk, a lot of pain, and no guarantees…ever.  I’m used to living with “Chronic Conditions,” but my “Doodle” dog?  Ironic it is and yet….not so much.   So, here I go again, what to do?

Doodles is a member of my family.  He rises with me in the dawn of morn to sit beneath my desk until the dusk of night.  He follows behind me trotting to the coffee pot, not caring if my bathrobe is scraggly or that my hair isn’t combed.  He cherishes a ride in my convertible and loves to feel wind whisper fluffy white fur atop his cotton candy head. Glancing at him in side view mirrors, a smile spreads across my face to see such euphoria.  Each passing car toots a horn at the sight of such pooch delight!

During each and every day, Doodles sits upon my lap to watch fingers tap letters from black keys, cocking his head in wonder as they move up and down.  Sometimes a fresh groomed paw will push them away, stopping the flow.  When it does, I scoop him up.

With a furry body of four long legs together with tender paws, we seek an adventure in the out of doors.  Together, we breathe fresh air deep into our lungs while feeling the warmth of the sun.  He stops to sniff hidden scents under dark green shrubbery along chipped sidewalk paths of poured cement while walking on a leash, frayed and painted in our team of “Cardinal” red.  Happy, he is.

That’s all I want for my “Doodle” dog.  Happiness…and to live and walk again without an ounce of pain.



36 thoughts on “Prayers for “Doodle” Dog

      • He’s called Pisch and he’s a cross (we think) between a Jack Russell and a Terrier. Adorable, clever, loving, mischievous and currently frightened of the rain and thunder we’re having in this part of Crete this morning! Although we had a dog when I was a child, I was always frightened of them and had only cats until recently. If I’d known what a joy it could be before…!


      • Oh, I LOVE Terriers! I’ve had three little Yorkies in my life. They are so sweet, full of life, and ready to take on the world in spite of their size. “Doodles” is terrified of rain and thunder too. I finally got a small med for him to try in dire circumstances. Hate to see him suffer so. 😦 XXOO to little Pisch.

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    • Thank you, Kind Sally. I will kiss him on the tip of his nose for you. He’s feeling much better since taking his meds. Hoping all goes well next week. Love to you. XXOO


  1. Oh, i’m sorry Kim. How horridly traumatizing. My cat, Crystal (also has Inflammatory Bowel Disease, so she’s been through the ringer) did similar. For no apparent reason she was suddenly limping badly and clearly in pain. I was at home the whole time, yet I have no idea what she did. The vet said she “blew out her knee.” However she responded to anti-inflammatory meds very well after about a week. Here’s wishing your dog has a similarly fast healing. Hugs!


    • Hope for me, Geneviene. So sorry about, Crystal, but good news in the end. 🙂 Don’t have a good ‘feeling’ about Doodles. Intuition, I guess. Praying, I’m wrong. Thanks for your kind wishes with hugs to you too.


    • Thank you for your Reblog regarding my precious Doodle dog, Sally. You have such insight into God’s creatures as I’ve seen through your many posted videos. Yes, Doodles has been very, very brave trying to show no pain when I know it must hurt him terribly. Thankfully, he does not even try to run and jump, or attempt a flight of stairs. Instead, he looks at me with dark eyes, silently asking to be picked-up and carried. 😦

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  2. Such sad news Kim, your best friend and companion in pain, is so heartbreaking.
    He shares so much joy with you, but he is lucky in one respect, he knows you wont let him down
    and will help him every way you can, I wish him a speedy recovery even though it may take a long time.
    And I wish you a calmness of the mind knowing he trusts and loves you.


    • Ian, thank you so very much. Yes, he does “trust” me and knows I will do everything I can. The surgeon will give us the definitive news on Tuesday. So sad to see him limping every day. 😦


  3. Karen, I’m so sorry about Doodles. I have a med size Labradoodle,Joey, and he is the love of my life. He’s obsessed with retrieving balls and I worry sometimes about over-use of his joints. Is this a “condition” Doodles has or from activity. I hope so much your baby will be made well ❤


    • Hi Mandy: thank you for reading and commenting. Luck of the draw, it definitely seems to be a “Chronic Condition.” My friend has had two Bischon dogs who lived 15-20 years without ever having any joint problems. Still, I wouldn’t trade Doodles for anything. So much joy he’s brought into my life. Much love and ‘safety’ to your “Joey!”


      • I had a Bichon about 20 years ago ( it left home with the daughter) but the joy they bring with their clown antics, oh dear! Will keep you in my prayers.


  4. Doodles is unbelievably beautiful! Looks like a fluffy cloud of love. I am so sorry to hear of his accident and do send prayers your way for him and you.


  5. I was scared to read the entire piece… I lost my “Scoutie” on March 26, 2014 and it still pains me to think of her suffering as she did. She had several issues and had to take 9 different medications. In the end she had a heart attack and died in my arms. I built her a wooden casket and we covered it in hot glue plastic to keep her dry. I miss her to this day and occasionally ‘see’ her out of the corner of my eye.

    Love and enjoy your Doodles as long as you can. ❤


    • Oh, Jackie, I cried salty tears reading your comment of little “Scoutie.” My sympathy for your loss. It is so heart rendering to lose a pet. I’ve buried three tiny Yorkies in my life, trying to keep them safe and dry, much like you. For months and months I mourned. All part of life, I know, but it doesn’t make it any easier. We’re almost at the 2 week mark with “Doodles” now, and he’s healing nicely. Still confined, while I’m lifting him to go outside to do his business…like a baby in a way. But, all worth it. He’s happy to be home, looking up at me with sweet eyes of begging brown, not wanting anything more than love with a pat on the top of his shagging head. Love and blessings, Jackie. XXOO

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      • 🙂 We were lifting Scoutie, too, and she was about 12 pounds. You already know… dogs are like family and we will do anything for them. I always told my girls that I wanted a partner for them that had all the earmarks of a dog: Love unconditionally, loyal to a fault, would try to save your life if they could, will spend time with you and ask very little in return.

        Two friends have Yorkies and one is on her second; they love these dogs like children. 🙂

        Please keep us up to date on Doodles. ❤


  6. I hope Doodle is doing well. My Maltese hurt his knee when he was a puppy and my husband didn’t want to pay for the operation. He limps now and then. It makes me feel awful. I shouldn’t have listened to him But I was afraid for the operation. It’s too late now. We love them so much that sometimes we make the wrong choices. Anyway, I hope Doodle gets better. He looks like my Nounous.


    • Thanks, Susanne. I can empathize with both you and your husband. Operations are expensive and choices must be made. “Doodles” leg was so bad there really wasn’t a choice except to put him down which wasn’t an option for me. My husband said, “I’ve been married for 30 years, I’d like to stay married for 30 more so off the to operating table he goes..” Lol! Doodles is doing well, Suzanne, sore, but healing nicely. Thank you so very much with much love to your Maltese. They are cutest dogs. 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting. Love you being here.


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