Heaven on Earth

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While on holiday or vacation, how do you choose what sights to see?  Reading through bundles of accordion-folded brochures, my fingers brush over glossy pictures of scenic images.  Where should I go?  What do you recommend?  So much to see…so little time. 

The drive is only a short distance from the villa my husband and I share with good friends.  Stopping to speak to the Gatekeeper, a nice middle-aged man wearing a copper cap atop his balding head, we’re directed toward the “Cougar” lot.  “There it is,” I exclaim! An outline in bright green tells me so with a paw of claws to the left.  Crunching sounds are heard beneath the weight of our mini-van from stones of crushed quartz together with variegated granite.

No sight of a genuine “Cougar.”  It’s safe to jump out!  Skipping to climb stairs and steps in sets of three or four, suddenly it’s time to rest.  Whew…hard to breathe for me.  The air is different here.

Crisp and clean, but thinner.  One-two-three, short breaths for me.  A voice booms loud over an unseen speaker, startling me. “Departure!”  It’s time to catch a free ride on the aerial tramway.  Soon we’ll be pulled all the way up to the tip of majestic mountain before me.  I see it standing stately in the background sky of royal blue.

Along the way my eyes of wide glance side to side and all around looking out a glass balloon floating on wires of two.  My mouth drops open, agape in awe.  Yes, I do realize what I’m looking at, yet my mind is having trouble catching up.  I’m spinning together with the mountain top around me.  Up-up-up we go all the way to the top of God’s wilderness where we stop at 8,500 feet.

Heaven on Earth….

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“Praying Hands”

Copyright Kim Gosselin


36 thoughts on “Heaven on Earth

    • Oh, Sue, I am THRILLED that you took the ride to the top of the mountain with me!! No better compliment could I read from you! Yes, it was stunning, Sue. ‘We’ll’ have to go back one day. I would love that! Wonderful weekend wishes to you, Sue. 🙂


  1. Lovely! I have no clue were I replied before but I couldn’t see your whole post…I’ve been trying to guess where you were…Montana? Wyoming? Colorado? South Dakota? It all looks so familiar to me…a breath of fresh air anyway…thank you for sharing your adventure…beautiful!


    • Oh, so glad you came back to see me! All of these beautiful gifts of nature were found in “Mt. San Jancinto State Park and Wilderness Area, a short drive from the desert of Palm Springs, California.


    • On my way home today, David. You are so kind. A proper, “Thank You” will appear sometime next week on my blog together with your beautiful ‘gift’ to me. Happy weekend. 🙂


  2. Fantastic pictures Kim. truely spectacular, the praying hands are aptly named.
    The glass bubble would be quite an experience, I think it would be okay once you were in it,
    but looking at it would be daunting, I didnt see a pic of it but can imagine its glass like construction.


    • Oh, yes, go if you get the chance, Olga. A surprise for me, but so breathtaking that I can’t wait to go back one day. I want to spend more time on trails to hear the wind beneath the trees, the quiet in the sky and look at clouds dancing.


    • Oh, so wise indeed, your grandmother was! Please, no “Hell” on earth for me. If I’ve already had some of it, no more ever, ever, ever. Heaven from here on out! Blessings to you.


  3. I love this special tribute to God, the majestic praying hands. Natural wonders are always gifts from God, Kim. The ‘gatekeeper’ and your post were very well written and enjoyable, along with the gorgeous photographs.


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