Nothing is impossible no matter how difficult the task.  Close long lashes to rest weary lids.  Dream of magical wishes waiting for you to believe in them.  Whisper quietly over and over and over again.  Hold tight, don’t ever let go.   Believe…….shhh.   What was that? Louder now.   Believe!

Kim Gosselin


34 thoughts on “Believe

  1. Beautiful, as always! 🙂 Talking of ‘believe’, my ex-boss believed in a cause, and today the impossible has become possible. Please read my latest post, as it is close to my heart. Thanks 🙂


  2. Kim, did you do that digiscrap page? It is absolutely stunning.
    I began putting together an album for my Tween with fairy layouts such as these and with stories that she had written. She never got around to finishing the stories but I think I’ll get the book done anyway.


    • No, only the quote is mine. The fanciful fairy was discovered on the Internet. ‘She’s’ lovely, isn’t she? Yes, finish the book for your sweet child! The best gift ever to her, Suzi! Keep me posted. 🙂

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  3. You always get down to the core of your loved ones heart penning down such heavenly words… to peace.

    “Believe” is itself a very faithful word has a very deep meaning to each `n every individual soul around the arena of this universe but again… no one values the faith it brings to us. But the one thing`s sure, whether we treat it right or just let it kick outta the doorway of life, it never leaves our hand not even for the second, no matter what, & this`s all what makes this single word more stronger than anything else. In short, even the success itself belongs to “believe”. What a beautiful imagery you`ve painted on your feathery words! Keep it up!


    • Cris, thank you kindly. Yes, “Believe” equals faith, holding my hand while providing peace in life. Lovely words you write in your comment, that of a poet’s from papered edges of long ago. Blessings, Cris.


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