Moon Beam

A lighthouse beacon amid stormy seas of wavy darkness

Massive, round all aglow shining brighter than ever before

Colored amid shaded charcoal pencils

Sugar clouds spun of spindly spider webs

Creamy colored fingers drift over yellow-red

Sooo slowly it seems to take forevermore

Hurry, my anticipation grows with fascination

Wanting to behold this rare phenomenon

There it is, peeking now from behind

Whispering, waving amid limbs of leafless forest trees

Silence all around yet again it appears

Not long to await such a magnificent sight

Open eyes in awe gazing large and wide

Wanting to capture this moon beam of beauty

If only to share for seconds or maybe even minutes

With all the world to see.  How lucky that would be for me…


12 thoughts on “Moon Beam

    • Oh, thank you, Patricia. Whatever comes into my head….With all my grandchildren (twins on the way) more children’s stories are spilling around up here. 🙂 Of course, my memoir has been waiting for quite some time. I need to lock myself in a closet, never to return until it’s finished. 🙂


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