Meaningful Words

God.  Thankfulness.  Love.  Friendship.  Happiness.  Heart.  Tears.  Joy.  Emotion. Commitment. Family.  Children.  Bond.  Sharing.  Support.  Contentment.  Unit…

Words above milled through my mind last Sunday afternoon during my youngest son’s wedding day.  While sitting on the edge of my white covered seat, wrinkled tissues were clutched between nervous fingers and thumb.  Soon, two would unite as one.

My son is a big guy.  Still, he never looked quite sooo tall as he did on that day.  Dressed in a crisp navy blue suit with stripes thin of white, he had a lovely rose with delicate petals tight, pinned to his left lapel.  Sweet scents drifted towards my front table.  Soon soft lyrics of music began to play.

This tall, handsome son of mine who has travelled so far in his short young life waited to greet his beautiful bride at the end of the aisle.  There, he clasped her shaking hands in the two of his own.  Proud…that’s the word I was searching for.  He was oh-so-proud of the young woman who was about to become his wife.

My boy’s eyes, sea-colored windows to his soul became glass covered and misty when first he caught sight of her.  Never before, had the bride looked more beautiful to him or anyone.  Her face flushed pink.  Aglow from head to toe, her long blond hair was pulled smoothly back away from her lovely face.  Braided curls were pinned behind her head and she wore billows of flowing chiffon.  White trimmed with a touch of silver beading.  She sparkled and shined like an angel in my imagination.

Listening to marriage vows of your ‘youngest one’ is a rite of passage of sorts.  My husband and I reached to hold hands.  Together, we had prayed for this day to come, for our son to find his special one.  With a lap plopped full of ruffled white, our little grand-daughter sat contentedly holding a satin basket filled with petals blushed sweet.  Her daddy stood next to his brother as a groomsman, an honor to witness this wonderful occasion.  My little boys had grown into teens and morphed into men long ago.  In some ways, this put the final seal of wax acceptance on the back of the envelope for me.  How wonderful to see!

There was no doubt how meaningful the wedding vows were when spoken between the bride and groom during the ceremony.  Much more than simple words of blue written on papers of white.  Two lives becoming one.  A team to be.  A family of three with a future, you see?

God.  Thankfulness.  Love.  Friendship.  Happiness.  Support.  Heart.  Tears.  Joy.  Emotion. Commitment.  Family.  Children.  Bond.  Sharing.  Contentment.  Unit.  Peace.










27 thoughts on “Meaningful Words

  1. I read this in the ‘proper’ order of events, so this was the Grand Finale, Kim! I loved every moment of the day before, the day of and then your beautiful description of each person’s reactions. I loved the word that you chose to describe your son’s feelings (which I am sure both bride and groom’s were welling over with joy!) using the special word: “proud.” You must have been the happiest mother in the world at that moment in time, you and your husband raised a wonderful man. I love the little one’s pretty dress and her little expressions of happiness, too.


    • My heart is overwhelmed at your loving comment. Yes, I was so very proud of my son….truly ready to be a man as well as a trusted partner and husband. Often, there is a ‘letdown’ after an event of this magnitude. Not for me. My heart was calm with my spirit at peace knowing my son was where God meant him to be.


      • I am so glad you know not to feel, ‘letdown’ after such this extra-special occasion, the beginning of many more! My son married a woman with two children, then they have two more. It is nice to know their wedding brought a family together.
        To tell you the truth, Kim, I have this ‘letdown’ after the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas). I believe, for me, it is more due to the cold and dreary months of January and February. This year, though, after analyzing this a bit, I realize there are more things coming up, just ‘around the corner,’ like Valentine’s Day and Easter… I hope to remember this, come January.


      • Words of comfort for me to hear of your son’s happiness. I, too, have often felt the post holiday “letdown” having two sons who went off to their other sides…part of life. With my family growing new ecitment begins together with additional pages to be turned. Bless you, Robin. 🙂


    • Susanne, thank you so much. I can rest now…Or, will my life become more hectic? Whose kidding who? I wouldn’t have it any other way! Blessings, my friend. 🙂


    • Thank you, Suzi. A wonderful day for our family. We were just invited over to celebrate their first anniversary dinner (one week)! Home cooked with flowered paper plates on a wooden table passed down from the bride’s grandfather So very special. 🙂

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