Marriage Blessing

My heart is filled with love for my youngest son on this, his wedding weekend.  It spills with joy to know that soon, he will clasp the delicate hands of his beautiful bride to recite hand-written vows in blue on white.  Holding her small in the large of his own, loving glances will dart until magic words are said.  “I Do.”

Not long ago, I penned of him, praying God would bring answers to questions of a life drifting here and there.  A mother knows when her son struggles to find that certain something  So ironic it is to read what I wrote of that day.  How could I possibly know that God’s plan was already in place?

A few days after the above, a new career began for this son of mine.  Even he did not expect his whole life to change…. While in training, his special one caught his eye.  She, so beautiful with pools of blue and hair of gold. Kind too, with a heart and spirit to match my son.  She is good for him and he for her.  A friendship began with love in the air.  Her family became his and hers became ours.  Such a blessing it has been for each and every one of us!

Sure to become teary-eyed while listening to my son’s wedding vows, I could not be more at peace than I am on this day.  He has an enormous gift in his bride together with his new family, one that he waited for until God decided, “It was time.”

May God bless the marriage of my youngest son together with his new wife.  I pray they live with Health, Love, Trust, Fidelity, Friendship and Support for one another as long as they both shall live.



40 thoughts on “Marriage Blessing

    • Thank you from my heart to yours. So kind of you to send your wishes my way as they mean so very much to me and my family. Yes, your “Happiness” is here in our hearts today and tomorrow too. We’ll keep it forever. Blessings. 🙂


  1. Dear Kim,
    I’m very happy for you as well as Justin and the rest of your family. Hope you have an absolutely marvelous weekend, filled with much joy and celebration!! 🙂 😀


  2. There has always been so much written about a father’s emotions when handing off his daughter to her new husband. But I believe it’s the same for mothers and sons. At least I felt that way when my oldest son was married. And I agree with Patricia. What a beautiful and cherished gift your heartfelt poem would be, Kim. My very best wishes to the bride and groom and to you too, lovely lady. xoxo


    • Oh, tears from me at your words this morning, Elizabeth. I’ve never raised daughters, but never a doubt in my mind that God indeed blessed me greatly with sons. Love to you. 🙂


  3. This is so beautifully written, Kim! It brought tears to my eyes. It must be so wonderful that your son has found someone who is a blessing to him and your entire family. Best wishes to you all for a happy life together!!


  4. Congratulations to your son and to the sister in-law. May the Lord bless them more abundantly in the name of Jesus Christ. May He be the center of this matrimony. May the spirit of divorce never know their address in the name of Jesus Christ. May lack be far from them in the name of Jesus Christ. May misunderstanding be disappointed because the door has been locked against it in the name of Jesus Christ. May friends that destroy marriages be far from them. May this marriage be fruitful in the name of Jesus Christ.


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