Second Time Around

Dear Readers:

With new grand-babies celebrating birthdays, another son soon to get married (less than a week) plus the whirlwind of activities surrounding such, I’m cheating here a bit.

The post below has a a special place within my heart containing a lesson with much meaning.  I thought of it as I braked for a bright, yellow school bus that had stopped in front of me this morning.  The stop sign of red on a gate of black directed me to wait. Before I  wrote the words below, a special kind of golden bus had stopped in front of me where I observed other things that day.  Not long after, I met an exceptional new ‘friend’ in my comment section.  I’ve grown to read and love her own blog for she truly is a gifted writer.  Somewhere within her message to me she said, “I am that mother…..”  I remember the way her words jolted me at first, to think that She could be “That Mother.”  Reading them, I had to stop to catch my breath.  They caught me off guard, causing me to shed a tear.  Perhaps she did too.

The “Mother” opened a new window for me, allowing the warmth of the sun to shine through my little spot here on Wordpress.  Comments are special.  They take time to write, allowing me to believe that I’ve had an impact on others in some small way.  As one who has great passion for words to share,  I do not take them lightly.

Thank you to this heartfelt “Mother”…who blogs at NESTpirations, also here on WordPress. I love your writing and your heart together with your special soul.  You’ve made a positive difference in my life.  Please visit her site, you will not be sorry.  I tried to add a hyperlink, but was unable to.  😦

To all of my readers,  I thank you for being with me, for your comments today tomorrow and the next day too.

Dedicated to Karen together with her beautiful family.

17 thoughts on “Second Time Around

  1. I enjoyed the little girl story… very touching. Your comments were closed so I thought I would mention it here. Nice when we can share something touching, enlightening and beautiful. 🙂


  2. A beautiful and inspirational post Kim, it really does bring one down to earth
    When we consider the gifts we have to share and enjoy.
    Love, compassion and consideration is all around us if we only open our eyes and hearts.
    Emu aka Ian


  3. It was amazing how Karen mentioned, “I am that mother…” it does open your eyes, helps you to understand more clearly and inspires us all to be more able to impart our own compassion on others, in their times of need. We are blessed, Kim. I am so hoping the wedding with off without a ‘hitch,’ because I am ‘behind and catching up with you again!’ Smiles for your family among our blessings of life, love, children and family.


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