What Nature Teaches You

Sunlight shimmered, streaking through white window panes of my kitchen patio doors this morning.  Brightness woke my limbs from further slumber.  Six o’clock.  A smiling face of walnut wood from the clock on the wall told me so.  Scents of lemon oil drifted beneath my nose.  Time to wake-up!

“Doodle” dog nudged my feet of bare, signaling his readiness to go out into the world, to sniff wheat-colored plumes of grasses nearby, and to check invisible boundaries for any possible intruders.  My hand was on the door’s bronze lever, seconds from pushing it down to open it up.  Outside, a ruffle of feathers caught the corner of my eye.

Only a few feet from garden bricks was a new ‘family’ for me to see!  Beneath our bird feeder, the one where bright red Cardinals, Blue Jays and Sparrows of speckled brown rest on perches near, five Turkeys pecked leftover seeds on the ground below.

I have often seen one or two before.  The Hen, of course, who feeds for the invisible brood she hides safely away.  And once or twice in the last six years, I’ve witnessed a large Tom waddling up and over our backyard hill, his long turkey neck of reddish-blue wobbling back and forth within the breeze.  This morning, it was a true gift from God for me.  To see this sight of such rarity!

As the large Tom bobbed his head, pecking for seeds within the earth of clay, the Hen spread her wide wings, revealing three tiny babies, “Poults.”  Not much larger than the eggs of a goose, they were covered in brown and white downy feathers that glistened in the sun.  Their small eyes were dark black the color of wet ink.   Darting this way and that, they were already keenly aware of any possible danger.

Just as I was about to grab my camera, a doe and her fawn scampered by, spooking my new backyard ‘family.’  WOOSH went the Tom who flew straight up into the nearest, tallest tree!  I never saw a turkey fly, but most definitely they do.  The noise is shockingly loud, like thunder clouds of flapping feathers.  The Tom flew straight up into the bright blue sky, rather than soaring side-to-side, like most birds do.

As for ‘Tom’s’ family who were left quite skittish in my back yard, they took off very quickly.  The Hen tried to gather her poults, spreading her wings while running toward the forest.  Being ‘babies,’ the feathered toddlers waddled in different directions while ‘Mama’ yelped her loudest, trying to keep them close to her.

Like little wind-up toys zipping towards the woods, three baby ‘poult’s carried a lesson for me today.  Life moves forward in a flash, often unexpectedly.  Don’t wait to pocket a picture of your dream.  Catch it before something surprises you.

36 thoughts on “What Nature Teaches You

    • You are making me smile at this very moment! Such a great description for my post together with your fine compliment. I am humbled. Thank you so very much. Blessings to you. 🙂


      • Dear Kim,
        Many thanks for your reply.
        I may not always comment, but I always appreciate your writing and photography. Thank you for the inspiration, and blessings to you too!
        Takami 🙂


      • Most gracious of you, Takami. Completely understood, as life is so very busy for each and every one of us. YOU, bring me great inspiration as well, and I do NOT comment as often as I wish. However, the feelings in my heart mirror the words you write to me. Thank you, Takami.


  1. It must be wonderful to wake up and see the beauty of Natures feathered friends around you.
    You could not, but feel happiness and contentment in your heart and life.
    You must be Eve and are still in Gods garden of Eden.


  2. (✿◠‿◠)..Sa ai o seara plina de tandrete si iubire
    …sa poti simti frumusetea vietii, cu toata fiinta– Have an evening full of tenderness and love
    … you can feel the beauty of life, the whole being…♡◕ ‿ ◕♡


  3. This cracked me up, Kim! I especially liked two things I learned from this about those turkeys! That they scatter and don’t organize neatly without some ruckus from their parents. And that they fly straight up, the Tom turkey making a lot of noise with his flapping wings! Thanks for the cute photos to bring me smiles, Kim!


      • So those little ones can get up and fly? Wow! They have the optical illusion that they are clumsy and awkward… Funny how they go straight up! It is okay for “Doodles” to teach them to be afraid of animals who may hurt them. Your dog doesn’t seem dangerous or a ‘hunter’ type, though! Good practice for those little poults!


      • Yes, I guess “Doodles” is a good teacher as he would never hurt them or even put one in his mouth. A bark is the only thing to come out of his mouth! Love to you.


    • Thank you, Cynthia. I saw ‘Mama’ with her ‘Babies’ again this morning, but not until after my dog was let out. The little “poults” flew straight up into a tree while ‘Mama Turkey’cheered them on from below! It was amazing to see! 🙂

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  4. Great pictures and words Kim. The Tom certainly leaves it all to the hen doesn’t he? Although he’s probably the distraction. 🙂


      • That´s what my mother tells me….what is she going to do with me. Eventually she´s given up after the life I lived and how I am so she has resigned herself to the fact that she has a nutty son, I almost feel sorry for her.

        By the way, I know how to cook quite well, plus you can roast anything on a grill, even a horse just through it on top and let it burn baby burn! 😉


      • Oh, Charly, and I pass by the green fields of a beautiful horse ranch each and every day. Your comment slips my mind because I know deep inside of you is truly a lovely heart and soul. Blessings.


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