Mystical Magesty





Early morning fog descends

Surrounding mystical trees

Creating beautiful sights to behold

Hush now, silent words begin to whisper

Listen closely to stories breeze

Through winds of imagination

Sometimes stopping to rest upon a branch

Wondering what their needles and limbs

Have hidden beneath a peak of pine?

Tiptoeing near wafting scents so dear to me

One-two-three, don’t ever let me go

Plopping down to soak like sponge tales newly sapped

Dampness tickles barefoot skin sinking into grasses green

Atop the ground where seedlings fell

Watered from Heaven’s rain hovering in fluffy clouds above

To think how nature once so miniscule

Became God’s miracles of majesty

25 thoughts on “Mystical Magesty

    • Thank you, Sally, with one eye open (literally). Put a PH drop (WRONG) in my eye instead of my regular eye drop. Rushed to the doctor who put me on steroid & pain drops. Social media will be few and far between. Love you though, so much!

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  1. The last two sentences where a majestic ending to a majestic poem that went perfectly with the pictures.

    Although the pictures where kind of creepy, sort of reminded me scenes from a scary movie;)


  2. I could feel the way the foggy air was so moist! Your words you chose to describe this beautiful and majestic morning with mystical powers, God’s blessing upon the land, all made me feel uplifted tonight, as I head home from the library! Thanks, Kim!


  3. Your words always bring beautiful imagery to life.
    It reminds me of a beautiful place I once had the privilige to live in.
    The low mists over the paddocks rising to disclose feeding cows.
    Beautiful memorys through your words.


    • Thank you so very much, Emu. I love your own memory of “feeding the cows.” Reminds me of my husband’s childhood. Like you, lucky I am to live with this bit of God’s gift to me in my own back yard. Blessings.


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