Special One

There you are sleepy almond eyes of greenish-blue

Fluttering chocolate lashes so long finally peeking up at me

Yes, I’m your Mama with a captured heart that’s already whisked away

Cozy now, swaddled in a warming blanket of softest touch

Underneath I’ve counted them, 1 to 10 on each fragile foot and chubby fist

Doctor, don’t you see the ‘perfect’ cradled babe within my weary arms?

Brushing such an angel face of pinkest warm next to mine

Glimpsing damp silkiness sneaking under striped cap of knit

Watching my precious newborn’s chest rising up and down

So shallow to my ear I’m bending near

To catch the spittle of the next hush-a-bye breath

Do you hear my own heart beating, brimming overwhelming love?

Like a waterfall rushing over mountain rocks…..surging solid strength

Rolling new of word on silent tongue…Mother, Madre, Mama… that’s me!

Oh, the sound so lyrical to my head ears are dancing new lullabies

On my chest this feeling of bliss is unsurpassed

Grab my finger hold it tight please God let me savior this specialness

From now until the end of time this moment will remain deep within

For I have a ‘special need’ within my heart and soul

To have you for my child, to be your mother today, tomorrow and the next

Yes, on this first day of your new life on earth

Together with the whole of my own lifetime too

I will always be blessed to be your mother, thanking God for you.



34 thoughts on “Special One

  1. The sad thing is I was the one to see our son first. My wife, now ex had him by caesarean section and wasn’t in much of a condition to do any close bonding. For three days they kept bringing the wrong baby to her. I was in the army and it was difficult to get back to see her. When I found out that she hadn’t seen him I became a little upset. 😦 Sad times and I think it went downhill from there. I could go on with a litany of hurt but I won’t. Instead I’ll soak up the feelings of the lady and her baby.


    • Oh, Laurie, my heart aches for you and your (ex) wife at the thought of missing those ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ feelings of euphoria. An inexcusable tragedy for the two of you. This poem was inspired by my heartfelt neighbor, dedicated to mothers of babies living with Downs Syndrome.


      • I guess all birthing moments aren’t the perfect experience Kim. I do wish your neighbour a happy life with their child. They are blessed with a child that loves them unconditionally.


      • Perhaps, Laurie, but all life is a gift. Her son is older now, and is such a loving child. She is the best of mothers and a strong advocate for Downs Syndrome, posting pictures of adorable children on FB nearly every day. I could not help but be inspired by her. It was my hope to write a poem that would transcend Motherhood in every way. Blessings, Laurie. 🙂


      • She sounds like quite an inspiration Kim, and yes, you wrote a poem that complemented her. :-). Thank you for your treasured compliment, Laurie. Indeed. I am lucky to have her for my neighbor!


      • This neighbor is a wonderful mother and you wrote such a lovely ‘ode’ for mamas, madres, and all mothers of the world. I now understand how important it is to read the comments and find out how you have articulated this is a special baby with a loving mother. I taught for 9 years 2 classes a day of 8 children with special needs integrated with 4 typically developing children. I learned so much from the children of such a wide variety of levels of learning, along with our home visits with parents who showed me how much they understood their children’s interests. One mother let her child bang for hours on pans, not sidetracking him after school. He needed to ‘let his steam out,’ she said!
        This is indeed a wonderful way you gave her tribute and the baby is adorable.


      • Oh, so kind you are to say such things to me, Robin. I tried to be ‘subtle’ with my words, and in the end it was meant to be. The poem worked for all mothers and babies who are “special” indeed. You are correct, though, my neighbor is beyond belief as is her son. Thank you for sharing your story. You are “special” too, for I know what it takes to work, love and teach children who need extra support. Only the “Special Ones” are chosen….Blessings to you, Robin. 🙂


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