There is another “Chronic Condition” living in this world.  Evil.  From the beginning of life it has slithered silently, tempting us with warm whispers in our ears while baiting puzzled minds.

Recently, I attended church where the pastor’s sermon could have been written for “Me, Myself and I.”  He seemed to look me straight in the eye, while reciting six simple words, “the guts not to fight back.”  The minister was referencing the movie “42, The True Story of an American Legend.”

The above movie is about Jackie Robinson, the first man to break the color barrier in major league baseball.  Mr. Robinson played for the Brooklyn Dodgers, beginning with his rookie season in 1947.  No, I do not in any way compare myself to the late, great Jackie Robinson. Yes, I needed to hear those words that day.  “The guts not to fight back.”   

From the preacher’s polished pulpit, a soft-spoken pastoral message spilled slowly throughout each wooden pew.  I was struggling with forgiveness….how to “rise above” someone who had deliberately hurt me without cause or provocation.

The pastor’s sermon helped me realize how important it is to be better than those who wish to harm our hearts and souls.  All of us, no matter how hard it is to forgive others.  If successful, the good in us will shine through for the whole world to see.

Jackie Robinson lived a life of class and honor where he eventually became an American hero.  Although he faced a nation of evil in his time, he rose above to live a life of forgiveness.  This is what people remember today.  This is the light that shines through for Jackie Robinson.

Thank you, Pastor.

20 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Forgiveness is the key that opens and sets our hearts free to accept the pure, merciful love of Jesus. A simple truth that sometimes takes a lifetime to learn.

    Love in Christ,


  2. Your posts never fail to make me think. I don’t know, and it’s none of anyone’s business, who hurt you or how. What is important is that you are the warm hearted, strong person that you are. You are strong enough to do just as #42 did, and not fight back.

    Evil doesn’t get defeated with more evil, it only gets defeated with love. Showing love, even to those who despise us, makes us stronger.


  3. I really loved the Pastor’s words: The guts NOT to fight back… so true. It is so hard to ‘turn the other cheek.’I was very fortunate to see this movie, on the opening day, since the man who chose Jackie Robinson is Branch Rickey and he went to Ohio Wesleyan University here in Delaware, Ohio. (I wrote a post, since it was so cool that a member of Jackie’s family came to shake hands and give us special programs with his photo on them.) I loved both the powerful message of letting anger go, along with the beautiful love story between Jackie and his wife. She was a very strong influence on his ability to overcome the hostile and racist comments of the other teams’ players. I felt bad he was college educated, but they treated him like ‘dirt.’ I have been stressing with my grandies, that they must not fight amongst themselves. Also, that if someone is mean at school or out on the playground, “Two ‘wrongs’ don’t make a ‘right.'”


    • Oh, how lucky you were to have ‘known’ the actor who played Jackie Robinson! What a thrill it must have been to shake hands with a member of his family, to meet them and receive a program in Ohio!! I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it must have been for Jackie and his wife, together them must have been so very, very strong. Powerful people. Yes, the pastor preached a needed message that day for me. Needed… Sounds like you are doing such a good job with your own grandchildren. We are hopefully wise role models for them. They will look to us one day in the future for help at what we’ve shown them in the past. Thank you so much, Robin!


  4. I agree Kim, guts not to fight back takes courage, to turn the other cheek takes courage.
    Sadly in the world today, humanity cannot turn the other cheek, nor rest on its laurels and have no guts to fight back.
    A world of wars has no respect to individual religious beliefs.


    • True, Ian. War has little respect for much of anything in this world. Sad in every way. (: Thank you as always for being here, for reading my words. You mean much to me, Ian.


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