‘Little Boy Blue’

‘Little Boy Blue’  lived near my family…close to the roof that covered my boy’s heads for most of his young life.  He grew from small into tall together with the two of my own.  I remember a pack of skinny lads dressed in baggy white pants of polyester.  Baseball teams were named after crawling reptiles in green or striped jungle animals outlined on the front of uniform shirts.  Mothers hoped elastic waists were tight enough to keep them from falling down to ankles or knees.  Each spring and summer and well into fall they’d sit on the bench sloshing down bottles of colored Gatorade between seven innings or more.  After one or the other slid into home-base, hands often slapped ‘high-fives.’  Miniature clouds of cocoa-colored dust burst above caps of red.  Poof!

Over the years, Little Boy Blue developed into a strong, caring and protective young man.  Knowing his buddy lived with diabetes, he watched over him throughout the years.  When my son was twenty-two, this man of young protectiveness, called me.  I rushed over.  With a face as white as chalk and eyes limp and closed, my son was clearly in danger.  Able to respond only to my voice, a bird’s sized mouth opened, allowing me to spoon sugar under his tongue.  Thank God for his friend in blue!

On another occasion, my son’s then fiancé telephoned his very best friend, the same one who wore blue.  Worried, she said, “I can’t get an answer by phone.  Please, will you go check on him?”  With no questions asked, this young man in blue raced to my son’s side, where luckily everything was fine.  Still, as always, my son’s tall friend of sweet soul was there for him.

A few years ago this young man of huge heart fell in love, marrying a delightful girl he met in college.  Her quiet demeanor together with kindness was the perfect match to his love of life and God.  Together, our family attended their glorious wedding, helping to celebrate their future of anticipated joy.

Yesterday, at my grandson’s Christening, the Godfather in ‘Blue’ was missing.  Having just been relieved from an all-night shift at work, he was home in bed.  I’m sure he preferred to be at the church service to fulfil his duty.   Instead, physical and emotional exhaustion had taken its toll on him.  His young wife, the beautiful girl chosen to be Godmother, smiled lovingly when speaking of her dear husband.  “It’s been very difficult the last fifteen days,” she said, measuring her words carefully.  “He needs to rest.”

It is not lost on me that some people do not look to see the other side of a policeman’s life.  First and foremost, this cop truly did choose his profession to “Serve and Protect.”

For this ‘Little Boy in Blue,’ I know it to be true.



16 thoughts on “‘Little Boy Blue’

  1. that is a lovely tribute Kim and as usualy we take the minority in any environment as a generalisation of the majority. I have know some excellent policement (I was not in handcuffs) but they are human too. I am sure that you friend in ‘blue’ will be there for the first birthday party and throughout your grandson’s life too. XX


    • You are right that ‘he’ will be there, Sally for future birthdays and such. Thank you for your generous words, as always. I too, see both sides, although I have never been in handcuffs either. I have almost ‘turned myself in’ for a speeding ticket, but that’s another story. Lol!!!

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  2. this is great… what a blessing to have such terrific men in your life, your son, little boy blue and now your grandson!


  3. That is a beautiful piece of writing Kim! I love the way it starts, the first paragraph is beautiful.
    I have to agree, not all police officers are bad guys 😉 and being the grandson, the nephew and the son of a policemen saga -and the first one to break the tradition- I think I know what I’m talking about.


  4. I am always pleased to read of someone who has chosen this profession, lives a Godly life, trying to do the best he can, under all conditions. The dangers daily to his life, must be overwhelming at times, I am so glad he has a special and loving wife, who understands these demands of his time. I will keep all police and service men in my prayers. I do hope that the baby had a lovely time with his christening and the photograph is indeed precious! What a great post with a powerful message!


    • Thank you, Robin. Yes, he and his family do need your prayers, as it has been such a trying time of late. Thank you for your time in reading and commenting, you are always so giving to me. I appreciate you being here so very much!


  5. Thanks for sharing this story. It is representative on many men, and women in blue that I know. They don’t make the news, and their stories aren’t shared by mainstream media. BTW, I’ve now signed-up to follow by email since your blog has been missing from my Reader stream lately. Don’t worry, I’ll catch up 🙂


    • Thank you, sincerely, for your kind words, Dan. I so appreciate your time in reading and commenting. Readers such as yourself inspire me to write from my heart and soul. I’m glad you could relate to this story, one that I felt needed to be written for so many working in ‘blue.’


  6. An absolutely beautiful real life story.
    A true friend who has a caring and loving heart.
    A case of the right man for the right job.
    He has a heart of gold and is a credit to All Boys in Blue.


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