Christening Present from Grandma

Earlier today, my first and only grandson was Christened in a beautiful church where, afterward, my son and daughter-in-law held a lovely family reception.  Not long ago, I was asked to print the post below for the their son’s nursery.  Today under an old-looking frame painted in brushed green, were words from my heart ready to be hung on a sleepy baby’s hush-a-bye wall.

Wishes For Grandson

A breath, a cry, a baby yawn, you’ve made your presence known.  Newly bathed and swaddled in gauze, your mother cradles you to her breast where two hearts beat as one.

For my first grandson, I have wishes for you.  More than three, less than a million.  If I was near a fountain of gurgling water splashing into a pool of clear, I’d toss loose coins while wishing silently.  Instead, I will write them here for you to read one day.  A day not so far away when you grow from wee into a little lad.

Before you even arrived, I prayed to God above for all your life ahead.  And, as I slept the first night after, I dreamed of all I wished for you.  As you grow from infant to tadpole to toddler to teen, close your sweet eyes to imagine that wishes and dreams do come true.  I give them all and more to you.

While you are a baby I wish for you to nestle with Mommy, reach for your sister’s face of innocence and Rock-a-Bye with Daddy.  Choose your favorite blanket, roll on your belly, scoot on the floor, learn to crawl, and 1-2-3 please smile for me.

I wish for you to play with wooden blocks, build a tower, knock it down, eat green peas, spit them out, take first steps and pull my hair.  Catch a big red ball, say a word, and play in snow with Daddy who loves you so.

Before we can say magic words, babyhood is gone for good.  A little boy you now will be.  We will miss the small.  Soooo, B-I-G!  How lucky is your family?

I wish for you to hold a puppy’s leash while jumping in puddles of mud when the rain smells good.   Splash, splash, splash.  Now, close your eyes to soak warm sunshine like an ocean sponge.  Do you feel it on your sleepy face?  Toasty, like Mommy’s kitchen after baking cinnamon rolls.  Can you smell them if you sniff, sniff, sniff?

Oh yes, I wish for you to sleep in a tent  or catch a frog while listening to crickets chirping loud in the quiet of the night.  Soon it rains a melody of drops on dark green canvas for you to hear.  Plop…plop…plop.

I hope you’ll see a Mama bird build her nest  and feel a roly-poly bug crawling in your hand right up your wrist.  Not to worry.  It won’t hurt, only tickle.  Lots of itty-bitty legs…can you guess how many?  Grandpa says, “14!”   Soon I laugh at chocolate rings round your mouth from milk found in a cup at Grandma’s house!

I wish for you to win a race, build a back yard fort and watch firefly’s glow yellow in the black of night.  Skip a rope, jump a hoop, swing a bat, and hit a ball.  There it goes…..Look, squint your eyes to see.  Flying like a rocket ship…see?  A home run to be!  Listen closely now, do you hear the cheering crowd?

Please, pick up squiggly worms for me.  Ride a bike, get dusty dirty, fly a kite, and skip a rock.  Swim in lakes, underneath are minnows skimming crystal sand in waters of Windex blue.

I wish for you to bottle up bullies with a cork.  If words should sting, please tell Mommy or Daddy.  You will see bad words do not help…only hurt.  Rise above them. Remember this, be the best that you can be.

When old enough to fall in love, kiss the girl you will marry one day.  Please love her with all of your heart.  Look to Mommy and Daddy to see how good it can be.  Respect the ‘She’ you love someday.  Any part of your heart you give away will come right back to you….only bigger and better!  Do you feel it growing inside of you?  Be patient and you will see.

The greatest wish I have is that you live a long, long life of prayer, good health and happiness.  If this last big wish comes true for you, chances are that all these dreams and wishes will too!

Above all else, Grandson, be your father’s pride, your mother’s love and your sister’s shining knight.




28 thoughts on “Christening Present from Grandma

  1. Congratulations K. how lucky you are to leave your loving wishes and thoughts for your grandson. I am sure they will inspire him in the future and I know how much it will mean to him to keep part of you forever. I know the joy you feel as I have 8 grandchildren of my own, and the magic just never ends. Beautiful wishes. :o)


    • Thank you, Patricia. I often think of you and your newest little grand-daughter. Born in June, I think? How is the sweet little babe? Yes, you are right, “the magic never ends.”


  2. precious and priceless.. I just know Kim that he will one day achieve ALL this and more including passing these wishes on to HIS own! God Bless you ALL always and in all ways


  3. Oh I LOVE it!!!!! How sweet a gesture from your heart! PLEASE tell me this is in the works for becoming a published children’s story. If not, then it should be. I can see vivid pictures created with your words. I think families everywhere should have the pleasure of reading this ‘story’ over and over again to their precious little boys. You MUST make it available to them 🙂


  4. Such an inspiring post with beautiful pictures of such a special day. You have a very lovely family. Our Christening was beautiful too, but I am not allowed to share photos publicly. Our great grandson was so good and all smiles.


    • Oh, Patricia, thank you! I thought of you and your baby grandson yesterday, wondering if it was ‘about the same time?’ I’m sure your family is lovely, with your little guy just precious! Wonderful to ‘share’ my special day with you. Blessings.


  5. This was one of the best presents you could give little grandson, Hudson. I was so pleased to see you including all the special moments, just perfectly written! I will hold him in my mind, remember his family (your family) in my prayers. You have begun such an amazing second ‘life’ the one of grandmother, with your granddaughter and now, grandson! Hugs for all from your ‘new’ friend and protector from a distance!


    • Hi Robin: Such kindness from you in your comment to me! I will truly hold your words dear “new” friend and feel gratitude in knowing that my little grand-babies have another sweet angel out there watching over them. Thank you dear, Robin. Blessings to you. 🙂


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