Ajayatao’s Children

My world is turned upside down having learned only moments ago that our dear blogging friend, Ajayatao, has passed on into God’s, heaven.  I cry tears for myself and others at losing this gentle soul upon our living earth.  Yes, I am selfish.  I miss his soft spirit already this morning.  Yet, I believe children above are smiling today.

Ajayatao had tremendous gifts.  How I loved his talented eye at getting the perfect shot with his camera upon passing an exotic flower, a sunrise over ocean waves, or a crinkle within the corner of an old woman’s weathered face.  He found artistry in God’s waiting wonder, sometimes writing beautiful words to accompany his alluring photographs.  No one shared more than my lovely friend, Ajayatao.

But, by far what I shall remember about Ajayatao, is his love for children.  This, I shared with him.  Often, we commented back and forth regarding the photographs of our ‘little ones.’  He had a special place in his wide, open heart for young children…like God, I think.  This is how I ‘picture’ him now.  In heaven surrounded by chubby faces, moppets of curls, tenderness, faces in need and pure innocence.  He loved them all.  I know because he told me so.

I will miss you, Ajayatao.  Your loving ways, your words, your photographs, your comments and most of all, the tender spirit that surrounded you.  Thank your for your time with me.  With all of us here.  You have been a gift to share forevermore.

Fly free on angel wings, Ajayato.  Close your eyes to capture children’s loving hearts for all eternity.

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44 thoughts on “Ajayatao’s Children

  1. Oh dear Lord :(:(….My prayers are with you dear soul…may you rest in peace 😦
    I’m absolutely heart broken and speechless 😦


  2. thank you for sharing.. for your heartfelt thoughts and for having a place inside of you where this man’s Spirit will forever live! God Bless us, every one


  3. Oh, no! Now I am so so sad!! He was always so sweet! I just recently “talked to him” in the comments. He said he was sick, and I said i’d pray for him and he said thank you dear. I am going to church today to light a candle for him and his family. I will miss his posts and lovely comments! ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. Thank you for sharing this sad news.
    A beautiful person who gave pleasure to many through his pictures.
    I am saddened at his passing,friends on WordPress actually become family after a while.
    Ajatao was part of our family.
    Emu aka Ian


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