Sisters…Friends Forever

Sisters…I’ve had them in my life for over fifty years. 

Middle’ Sister was born on a snowy Christmas Eve morn while little brother and I searched Santa’s treasures under whiffs of a fat needled tree.  Santa brought me a cherished doll that holiday.  Perhaps it was something to love me.  Soon Mama would be very busy with her own baby doll of new.

I remember hearing big tires drive-up on crushed pebbled stone.  Sound my ears heard before the car engine stopped.  Two heads peeked up and over the back of sofa springs to see out window panes in our itty-bitty house of asphalt shingled pink.

Through the front looking-glass, my budding brother and I saw Daddy-So-Young hurry to get out of our old weathered car.  Running to the other side, he opened Mama’s door.  Carefully, he lifted something from her arms.  What could it be?  Another gift for under the tree?  Cradling a pink bundle of newness in his big strong arms, Daddy helped Mamma gingerly step out onto that same crushed stone.  “Careful,” he said.

Inside our front door we gathered round our tiny living room.  The special Christmas present sounded like a mewing kitten.  Oh, how wonderful it would be!  No, beneath the pink flannel blanket lay tiny lids with lashes so long.  Creamy skin with yellow downy hair peeking out.  Snowflakes fell while melodies of Christmas Carols drifted from an old radio. Little brother saddled-up his rocking horse while “Chatty Cathy” looked at me from under silver tinsel smelling like pine.  I pulled on a white plastic “O” behind her head before carefully letting it go.  “I love you,” she said, over and over and over again.

Six years later my youngest sister was born on a fresh spring afternoon.  While laboring in the same hospital, my paternal grandfather lay dying of cancer a mere elevator button below.  Push…push.  Down, down.  My father’s heart broke with grief.  His own father’s life slipped away day by day.  Push…push.  Up, up.  Ecstatic joy.  God’s miracle bringing a very first cry of breath into this world.  Tears down cheeks…. Why now God, why?  The cycle of life.

It’s been many, many years since the three of us…. SISTERS…. have been able to get together…really together.  As adults, we have always lived so far apart from one another.  States apart.  Finally it was time.  An added plus was having my niece there to visit with us. She looks so much like her beautiful mother.  Truly, they look more like sisters themselves than mother and daughter.  Too, my brother-in-law was home as often as he could be.  The perfect host.  He cooked like a gourmet chef, drove us around like a limo-driver, and often laughed together with the rest of us.

It was the perfect time to relax, to talk and giggle from the deep of our bellies to the very tips of our toes.  We cried until we hugged in our little group of three while telling secrets of long ago.  Sometimes we bared our souls.  No longer little girls or young mothers who had dragged children across floors from pant legs, after all these years we had finally grown-up.

Chronic Conditions was a distant topic during this visit.  Various long-term illnesses have affected our families in one way or another throughout the years.  We empathize with each other and are bonded by them in a way.  Still, on this special visit, we got together without any specific plan or any list of things to do.  From one day to the next, we saw the world anew.

Each morning before the sun rose over my sister’s fence, I swam in her aquamarine pool.  The fresh cool water cleared the cobwebs from my mind while relaxing my body together with my spirit.  In the evening, the three of us sat by the candlelit water, talking until wee, wee hours of the morning while drinking red wine.  Afraid to go to bed, for fear we might miss something said!

Some days our merry group of three shopped in little boutiques for things we didn’t need but purchased ‘just because.’  We strolled along paths of Plano, Texas, stopping to taste the ice of gelato.  There, we let it melt until it slid down the back of our throats to cool the bottoms of our toasted, dry bellies.

One late afternoon, we discovered a delightful sidewalk café where guitar music strummed behind the wafting scents of Spanish food.  We ate a light appetizer while sipping the proprietor’s famous strawberry mojitos.  Such a nice waiter we had together with excellent service.  “Mariano” was his name, and I was proud to pronounce it like he did, with a roll of the tongue.  Ma..r’….iano.  No doubt, I repeated it more often than necessary.  So lyrical was the sound of his name.  Mariano.

My sisters and I had the most fun of all that afternoon.  Sitting in the open air with a slight blowing breeze we said whatever came to mind, without a care in the world.  We made patio friends with everyone!  “Mariano…”  Mariano….My youngest sister kept calling him “Mario.”  Silly we were by then.  I have to clarify by saying we are lightweights in the drinking department.  Although I dare say we had a better time than anyone on that outdoor patio, we drank no more than two drinks apiece!

Today, I am back to refreshed reality, but closer to my two sisters than ever before.  I can tell them anything.  They are and always will be my very best friends.  How I wish we lived closer to each other.  Until then, more trips like the one above are promised to each other each and every year.

Sisters…Friends Forever. 







48 thoughts on “Sisters…Friends Forever

    • Oh, Sally, she kept saying, “You three sound and act exactly alike.” I don’t think she quite knew what to make of us, all together. I’m sure she’s resting now. Lol. She’s 16….


      • Lol! Love your story!!! Especially the dog. Oh, so funny. As for my niece, well, she did laugh a lot. Although she may not truly ‘appreciate’ us old gals for a few more years. 🙂


  1. This is written so beautifully, as usual, Kim. You write with such amazing imagery. Glad you had such a wonderful time. I can so relate to this. I love the pic of the sis with her down down (due to extreme laughter I’m sure)! Whenever my sister and I are together and we laugh as only we can – my husband always smiles and says, “Uh oh here comes the Hannigan (my maiden name) giggle. This story made me smile deep in my heart. All the best. ~Karen~


    • Oh, thank you as always, Karen. It was such a rare, rare treat to be together. I hardly even remember the last time. Terrible that we’ve waited this long. Never again!!! Love your story about YOUR sis! Laughter is the best medicine, isn’t it??? I can picture your husband now…:)


  2. Tears of happiness are strolling down my face for you Kim!! How wonderful the three of you look together…I can tell it was an incredible time for you all!! <3. I am the middle of three girls and we lived in the same state until this year…my youngest sister moved to the midwest…and I can't tell you how I miss her!!!! I think we took for granted the years we all lived close.
    I went to Plano, Texas once!! I played in a national tennis tournament there in college…we had a blast!!! 🙂


    • My first time to Plano, but I loved it, of course. Yes, we take for granted often what is right in front of us. But, I’m sure you will see your sister again soon. Thank you, Lorrie. Yes, the best time it was! Blessings.


    • Thank you, kindly. Not sure how “beautiful” we were after drinking the delicious strawberry confections, but we sure had fun! Bless you for reading and commenting.


  3. This was such a lucky time for you all to get together, all with some things (chronic conditions) that may have brought some serious weight to the conversation, but instead you had FUN!! Yes, this is what family embraces, chatter and acceptance, all of the things you mentioned. I have a best friend, Jenny, who is like me, never had sisters, only 2 brothers and we were both the serious “oldest” over our brothers! We have these shopping expeditions, that must include a treat and lots of trying on clothes, too. We usually are pretty careful with our money on buying extra clothes, since we both have left our professional ‘worlds’ behind us! Smiles for all of this wonderful comraderie!


  4. Geesh, Kim, are there any ugly people in your family?? So much beauty in one family doesn’t quite seem fair. 😀 Lovely post. What a beautiful relationship. Made me a little envious. I used to have this kind of relationship with my sister. Then we became estranged, but are gradually working it out. Glad you had such a wonderful time and here’s wishing for you all many more such as this. 🙂


    • Elizabeth, thank you for your VERY kind comments. All sisters (I think) have tiffs here and there, or may go through an ‘estrangement’ throughout their lives. We’ve had them too, which made our ‘reunion’ extra special! As the oldest, with 11 years before my ‘baby’ sister came along, I hounded them for our ‘get together’ until they finally gave in to me. Life is too short to let trivial things get in the way of love, friendship, and family support. If at all possible, don’t wait to mend things with your sister. Tomorrow may never come. Bless you, Elizabeth.


  5. what a lovely post Kim.. I have one sister out of 3 who is very close to me.. and we are forever friends too.. Loved your pictures and the ones from your previous post too 🙂 Much love your way . xox Sue xx


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