Discoveries.  Those first time moments that might mean the moon to a toddler who is discovering them for the very first time.  What a gift it must be to see ‘newness’ each and every day.  A bug on the ground, stars in the sky, puppy dogs, or cherry pie.

During the last couple of days I’ve been tending to my soon-to-be grandchild, the daughter of my son’s fiancé.  Of course, she holds a golden key to the heart of my whole family with her cheerful disposition and a toothy smile that lights up the room with rays of shining sun.

Sick with a chronic ear-infection, the little one sucked down a bottle while I rocked her in an antique chair.  Together, we sat cuddled against a black caned back while sitting on a lovely needlepoint woolen pad long ago dyed in the color of blush rose.   Cushy, it protects the perfectly caned seat that matches the back.  The chair came to me from my father’s family and is very sentimental, right down to the squeaking sound it makes.  Back and forth….squeak….back and forth….squeak.

When Baby Briella, finished her bottle it was nap time so off to “Grandma’s” nursery we went.  Although she loves to crawl, she’s nearly walking at this point.  Sitting her down on the carpet, I emptied the crib of any stuffed toys or blankets she might pull upon her face.  When I turned around, this is what I found!  Quickly, I grabbed my I-phone to capture treasured moments never to be repeated.  For the very first time, at “Grandma’s” house, a cradle of baby dolls were discovered!

First time moments.  Priceless…..


23 thoughts on “Discoveries

      • You’re welcome Kim, it does us good to see life that way now and then. It’s hard to think that what’s old hat for us is a new discovery for a child.


      • Joy indeed. I think it would do the whole world good to step back and look at ourselves through a child’s eyes.


      • You are right, Laurie. Seconds of time in one’s life. I am at the opposite end of the spectrum today. In Arizona, getting ready to escort my 88 year old blind, great-aunt back to the coolness of my Missiouri home. Life…..


      • You certainly are a busy woman Kim. I can only imagine the stories your great aunt has. I like to ask older people what they think about getting old. I can imagine the difference from Arizona to Missouri. I hope your trip goes well.


  1. Ana and I both loved those cherished pictures, reminds me of my two little granddaughters
    and Ana,s little grandson, those first moments are truly memorable.
    Your little girl is beautiful.


    • Oh, so lucky to have little grandchildren! Nothing better in the world, is there? Thank you so much for the compliment, Ian. A very special moment for me. 🙂


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