Tribute : Sam Berns (1996-2014)

Listen to Sam’s speech given before he graduated from high school. He had more wisdom in his ‘littleness’ than many of those ‘bigger’ in the world. Truly inspirational, his passing has left a wealth of research for those diagnosed with his condition in the future. Thank you, Sam, for your life, your passion, your inspiration to others and for your legacy that will live on forever. Bless you.


We hope you must know him, inspirational Sam Berns. Though he lived short, he inspired many people to take life positive and happy.

lifeaccordingtosamSampson “Sam” Gordon Berns (October 23, 1996 – January 10, 2014) was an American who suffered from progeria and helped raise awareness about the disease.

He was the subject of the HBO documentary Life According to Sam is about one family’s courageous fight to save their only son from a rare and fatal disease, progeria. The average age of death from progeria is 13, there is no treatment, and no cure. Dr. Leslie Gordon and Dr. Scott Berns are set on changing this. When their son Sam, now 16 years old, was diagnosed with progeria at age two, doctors told Leslie and Scott to enjoy Sam while they could. They refused to believe this was the answer. In less than a decade, their advances have led to…

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