There Were Sounds in the Night

The skies were angry last night.  Winds whistled through swaying trees.  In the darkness the sound of small quakes could be heard together with the padding of drums.  Slow at first then faster.  Softer then louder.  A vastness that shook like throw rugs my mother used to jar outside a back door.  Dust bunnies blowing away in the breeze…..

Listening, my eyes were closed to everything.  A world full of black nothingness.  Suddenly, a sense of hearing bloomed as if for the first time.  An awakening in a world others would consider silent at that hour.

My husband’s back lay close beside.  Even breaths.  First in…then out.  Soothing to me.  The flat of my hand felt his warmth through the cool of fresh, crisp sheets.

An electric clock atop our nightstand.  A snapshot within my mind.  Glowing hands in fluorescent moved with every second.  More sounds to my ears.  Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.  Each second turning into minutes turning into foreverness.

Doodle dog slept near the end of our bed.  I heard him roll over.  A silver metal loop on his collar made a clinking sound against its matching buckle.  He sighed, breathing out through the black of his nose with the pink spot on top.  He slept.  More silence from him then.

Humming…the sound of a motor, followed by breaths of swirling fresh.   An air-conditioner installed on our outside wall had kicked in.  From the stark cement basement below the sound of wafting breezes could be heard.  Pushing up…blowing cooler to our floor above. Maple stained in cinnamon colors with bronze, grated vents directing the flow.  Summer relief was felt.

A car drove by the front of our house.  Not a truck or a motorcycle, but a car.  It was small and went very slowly.  The sound of it told me so.  Smooth of four tires on a frame of metal. Small of crunch on bleached, chip-sealed street.  Not long before it was gone.

In the adjoining bathroom, sounds of a dripping faucet.  How long has this been going on?  Never heard or noticed it before.  Small drops barely plopping to the bottom of a speckled sink colored in toast.  Droplets falling in slow motion with an echo heard upon landing. So long before the next one fell, it seemed.  Soon, seconds were counted together with our friendly electric nightstand clock.   Anxiety began to build.

In the woods out back, sounds of wind picked up again.  A dog howled.  Or was it a coyote?  We have them here you know.  The skies became angrier than earlier.  Thunder rumbled, flashing with lighting in the distance.  My eyes opened at the crack of it.  Rain pounded into the patio and beat into flower beds with all of Heaven’s vengeance.  Once my vision adjusted to surrounding shadows, no other sounds were heard again.

Sleepiness finally came.




20 thoughts on “There Were Sounds in the Night

  1. Wonderful piece. All of my senses were completely immersed.

    I also have a lot of nights like this, but only because my husband doesn’t breath evenly. He snores like a beast!


  2. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    This last week my husband was away in Ireland and it takes me a couple of days to get used to sleeping on my own – the house has a lot of wood and after a really hot day it contracts during the night and it sounds like someone walking on the floorboards. I miss Sam our collie every day but never more than on a dark, windy night when chairs move along the balcony unaided outside and it sounds like a bogeyman is creeping along the corridor – bejabbers scaring myself silly now……thank goodness himself is back……


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