A long, over-due gesture of sincere appreciation and gratitude to Brian, for nominating me for the The Versatile Blogger Award together with the Sunshine Award. Brian has a wonderful blog at  We have one thing in common that I know of, Scotland.  My great-great-grandfather was born in that country of castles and green.  All alone at the age of 13, he boarded a ship to cross the Atlantic, hoping for a better life in America.  Brian lived in Scotland before embarking on a colorful life full of ideas to write about.  Please visit his most prestigious blog where you will discover a treasure chest filled with words to devour.

Thank you for your patience, Brian.  I did not forget your kindness nor your support.



The rules of acceptance for the above awards are as follows:

1)  Thank the person who has nominated you.

2)  Place the award badges on your blog page.

3)  Answer the ten questions listed below.

4)  Pay it forward!  Nominate ten deserving bloggers for the same awards.  🙂

Ten Delightful Questions for Me to Answer…..                           

1)  What is my favorite food?  Today?  Is chocolate a “food?”

2)  Who is my favorite actor? Oh, there are so many.  It’s a tie between Gene Hackman and Liam Neeson.  A little rough around the edges with kind souls.

3)  What is my favorite television show?  I like both, “Mad Men” and “Ray Donovan.”  Although at opposite ends of the spectrum, both have excellent writing with terrific actors.

4)  What is my favorite “Tear Jerker?”  The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks.

5)  Tea or Coffee?  It’s summer.  Iced green tea for me.

6)  What is my favorite sport?  I live in St. Louis, home to the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Team.   No doubt about my answer!

7)  What is my lucky number? 18, depending on the day.

8)  What is my favorite holiday?  Christmas, no question.

9)  Twitter or Facebook? Hmmm…”I plead the fifth.”

10)  What is my favorite Christmas movie?  “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  Can’t go against tradition….

I did my best to see if the following blogs were “Award Free,” but it was hard to tell in some cases.  Please do not feel obligated to accept.  A show of appreciation and continued support is thanks in itself.

The Ten Deserving Bloggers Nominated Are:



43 thoughts on “Thankfulness

  1. How sweet, thank you so much! I always appreciate awards that come from the heart. (My goodness, this has been my lucky day! It is the first time I ever received 3 awards in one day. Praise God He keeps my head humbled and I don’t believe my own publicity. I will try to respond and post as soon as I can.

    By the way, Scotland is one of my favorite countries with the most generous people. I’d love to go back and visit one day (as well as play golf!)


    • Congratulations, Ellie, 3 in one day!! It is a dream of mine to visit Scotland, as well as my husband’s to play golf (like you mentioned!). I will be riding in the cart, admiring God’s luscious countryside. 🙂


  2. It’s a shame your great-great-grandfather didn’t have WordPress on his journey from Scotland to America. That would be a awesome blog to read. Imagine seeing the American coast for the first time from the ship, and the hopes and dreams as he sets foot on land.


  3. Dear friend @Kim, congratulations! Thousand thanks for this wonderful awards, speechless. I’m honored and very encouraging. I’ll this awards forwards to give to another blogger friends. Thank you very much @Kim for your kindness,. God bless you always!


    • Oh, you are so welcome and most deserving. I love your writing, and your blog, of course. Please take your time, do not feel rushed. Thanks to you for your support, always. Blessing.


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