Painted Dreams


Bluebird so pretty to me

Flapping wings to and fro

Near spruce of blue

Bursting through grasses of green


Viewed at feeders 

Where small seeds of yellow

And bigger ones in shells of dark

Spill from rounds falling to ground


Squirrels so bushy in shades of fuzzy brown

Scurry and scamper to nibble

Leftovers from beaks of black

Before grey Morning Doves stop by


Bluebird so pretty to me

Flapping wings to and fro

What a sight to see

Strokes of orange breast below royal feathered backs


Soaring high against a sky of powdered baby-blue

Past branches and trunks of mottled bark

Where wildflowers grow scattered here and there

In rainbow colors everywhere


Suddenly flying wings disappear

Behold a grove of crayon pines

Hidden between needles never seen

Lies a secret shelter


Flapping wings of color have stopped

 A  nest made of twigs and printed paper

Woven in scented tree abandoned

Bluebird so pretty to me gone for now


Wishing to see soaring feathers of royal blue again

Splashes of orange breast floating on fluffy white

Clasping hands closing eyes so tight

Praying my painted dreams come true tonight



49 thoughts on “Painted Dreams

  1. What a powerful poem.I also like the blue color of the bird. When I see the glory of God manifesting in His creations, I feel so happy and always fill with joy and gladness. Thanks for sharing!!


  2. This is a nice poem Kim but I just can’t help but think the nest looks like a crime scene. All that chequered plastic tape is a giveaway. 🙂


    • Isn’t it amazing what God’s creatures will do to protect their young? I found the nest to be fascinating. Thanks for your complimenting comment. So appreciate your time in being here with me. 🙂


  3. Very nice poem Kim. And I thought at the beginning poetry was boring, now after reading so many poets I sort of managed to write something resembling poetry and it is addictive. A healthy addiction I finally found. Not other addiction like too many burger and cigarettes….;)


    • Thanks, Charlie. I don’t consider myself a “poet,” and never attempted it until recently so give it a go! Eager to read yours as well. There’s hope for all of us with words in our head!


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