The Dominoe Effect

Five important Fathers in my life.  Thinking of them today makes me ponder for a moment or two.  Maybe three or four or more.  Probably the latter.  In life, I have been blessed by all of them you see.  How good they have been to me!

Gazing at my husband across the room, he dozes in his favorite, soft lemon colored La-Z-Boy chair.  Tired from travelling, eyelids open and close…awake and asleep.  Like a baby doll swaddled at dusk from my mother’s treasured collection.  A generous gift from my father.  I wrote of it in a post entitled, Cabinet Full of Heart.

Thirty years ago the Dominoe Effect began for us.  From the spring sunset shores of Lake Michigan to an eastern blue bay where ships were being built, spots of white on plastic black began to fall…one by one.  Love took hold.  Silently, God blew kisses turning four into six.  Suddenly there were eight of us.  Tiny hearts began to beat.  Shallow breaths whispered until babes in arms were held.

Nearly twenty-five years went by before once again, God answered prayers.  Where two shall become one.  Soul mates…man and wife.  Not long afterward, tiny trembles were felt.  Teeny spots on dominoes teetered and tumbled.  A new generation of angel wings with sparkling fairy dust flew in.  This time, blush pink.

As in all things, the past was in God’s control.  Our first two fathers never could have imagined the future we now call today.  How wonderful to see far-away gazes upon faces viewing the next generation…their creation.  Twinkles in blue eyes of four, crinkles at corners.  Old sighting new.  Happiness…yet hints of a mask hiding them at times.  Missing those in Heaven….Many years spent with wives who would so relish great-grandchildren’s giggles in ringlets or blue smelling sleepiness.

Within the last year our two fathers are indirectly responsible for our family growing to an almost official eleven.  I will thank them on this Father’s Day together with my sixth Father, God in Heaven.  How ironic to think that two very different fathers who were born many years ago while living miles apart, blessed me with the marriage to my husband?  In turn, we were gifted with two wonderful sons.  Five fathers in all…..

My sons, as fathers?  Of course, much hope and prayer went into my fatherhood dreams for them.  God must have listened to me.  Silently, while  watching how they interact with their children or babies now, I am in awe.  Simple things that mean so much throughout little one’s journeys in life are often met with patience and smiles.  I am so proud of them.

My sons, they already know

Whatever they do or say

Is remembered one day

Time to play or ride a bike

Push a swing or read a book

Dance or hide behind a tree

Little ones look up to them

For a child who grabs their hand

Holds so tight, won’t let go

Daddies are all and everything


16 thoughts on “The Dominoe Effect

  1. Kim what a lovely tribute to the Dads you love and your Heavenly Father. Cherish them all as Im sure they do you. 💚💚
    Mamasongs. ( Kate!)


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