The Afternoon Video – No arms, No legs No worries – with Nicholas James Vujicic – Be inspired.

The pure joy on this young man’s face in the realm of his own adversity could not help but light me from within. No excuses for any of us.

17 thoughts on “The Afternoon Video – No arms, No legs No worries – with Nicholas James Vujicic – Be inspired.

  1. Hi,
    I have read about him, seen him in speaking and also have his book on my iPad. This man is an inspiration to anyone who think they cannot. To overcome barriers like this is a testimony to faith and courage.
    Thanks for sharing.



    • Hello Dear Pat: My first time to “Get to Know Him.” Such an inspiration! I shall think twice the next time a ‘problem’ appears to me! Blessing to you, Pat.


  2. “It´s a lie to think you´re not good enough, it´s a lie to think you´re not worth anything” That was a powerful line, brought tears and all, good that I´m alone. And the guy….you can see how he loves life, those are people you want to have around you, upbeat and a fighters in life. Plus he also does is to bring disability, extreme physical disability which for a lot of people is a source of disgust or rejection to a new light. He even is pumping up the girls saying how much they are worth. And his humour, impecable also. This was great video that you shared.


  3. I will never again complain about my challenge’s that life has handed me. My goodness what a brave heart and a beautiful soul Nicholas has. He is sending several beautiful messages. I will keep his words in my heart and remember him always. He is an inspiration to all. :o)


    • I feel that way, too, Patrica. I could not stop smiling just looking at him. He is so HAPPY! BTW, do you have your new grand-baby, yet? Waiting to hear….:)


      • July 3rd. is the C-section. We anxiously await the arrival of another beautiful little girl. Thank you for asking :o).
        I thought I had a rough year so far, but after seeing Nicholas’s video, life is good. :o)


      • So happy…about both. I will be thinking of the little love, new and fresh born on July 3rd. What a joyous day that will be for you and your family. FYI: I had been wondering about you-feeling in my heart that something was amiss. Prayers with you always.


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