Today I feel a bit nostalgic sitting  in my office chair.  Near the window, I am.  Gazing out at soon-to-be summer.  Where memories of  ‘yesterday’ appear…. Snips & Snails and Puppy Dog Tails….that’s what my little boys were made of.

At the time of this picture, my oldest was a toddler of two, my youngest barely months of the same.  Propping them up on fluffy pillows for a “Kodak” moment.

It is often said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Many stories could be told from this little 3×4.  Truth is, I remember it.….  Monday morning long ago.  “Daddy” hugging us oh-so-tight.  One last moment before saying, “Good-by.”  Throwing his brief case across the front of the seat, sliding in behind the wheel, one foot in first before shutting the door of the car.  Slamming tight, it echoed the hollow of our garage.  Backing out slowly, Daddy smiled big and bravely before disappearing for another week of our lives.

Moments before, the last bowl of Cheerio’s was poured from a cardboard box of Finch yellow, scooped from our beige kitchen pantry.  My oldest, the one who wore long sleeves of blue flannels covered in brown bear with hopping white rabbit, spooned round oats into his mouth.  Milk of water-white dribbled a bit on his chin down, down, down to his oversized bib.  Wash and wear.  He sat at a small red, plastic table with a dwarfed matching chair.  Placed smack dab in front of the television set.  Parenting was very different then.  Good, but different.  Still, he learned much from his favorite Sesame Street, VHS video.  The whole of the alphabet, rhyming songs, it’s okay to say “NO,” primary colors, and how to share toys, among other things.

After nursing my infant son and changing his sagging Pamper diaper, my big-little guy was happy and content.  No rush to get my babes dressed on that particular winter’s day.  Flannels with animals and Bugs Bunny remained part of them.  It was quite chilly outside.  Arizona cold.  30’s in the morning with highs reaching only into the 50’s.  Frost on our cactus.

The three of us stayed inside ‘reading’ books, playing pat-a-cake and taking naps, given the chance.  This picture delights me so for many reasons.  I see the exact image of my grand-daughter, Gracie in my oldest son’s face when I look into his little smile of seed pearls.   Who will his son, Hudson look like?  It is too early to tell.  Still, he is already growing into a bigger baby boy with rounded cheeks resembling his uncle, my younger one.

How cute that my first-born smiled tightly, gritting his teeth to close his eyes while saying, “Cheese.”  And, my infant child?  Well, at eight weeks, everyone knows that expressions of amusement are caught by accident.  I was lucky in that moment.

By now, everyone knows that my family has grown.  If I am blessed it will continue.  Like my oldest, my youngest will marry one day, raising a brood of his own.  I will love them more than my heart can bare.  Thank you, God.  I thought moments of yesterday were indeed, my happiest.  As wonderful as they were, perhaps the future holds golden keys of happier ones to be?  Can it be possible????


Jay & Justin-Baby Pic

30 thoughts on “Moments

  1. I love your writings. I hope you are writing your memoirs for their future and your grand babies. It will be an enjoyable read for them I am sure. Thank you for sharing. 🙂


    • You don’t know how much it means to read such words. There would never be, “my writings,” without “you” as one of the readers who scan them off a page.


  2. How very touching and yes, nostalgic, Kim. This is so lovely. You had me right there with you eating, reading, napping and watching TV. Thanks for such a heartfelt trip down memory lane. Enjoy your weekend, my friend. ❤ (ps. I'm working on my acceptance post…they are the hardest to write, you know!!!) ~Karen~


  3. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    I love photographs and although have digitised hundreds I still have two enormous boxes of the originals. On a wet, cold winter’s day with a pot of coffee by my side, I love nothing better than a stroll down memory lane. There is an importance to photographs, when my mother began to be forgetful in her 90’s I made up an album of her life and added photos in of all of us at various stages. It would often calm her and helped her remember key events in her life and ours and bring a smile to her face. So if you have an elderly parent – make an album so that they can keep close by. They are not really into sitting looking at them on a computer screen.


  4. What a beautiful photo to remind you of your special memories. Our little ones grow so quickly, and like you I love just taking a few minutes to look at photos from a time when my daughters were small. Your love for your boys shines through this post. 🙂


  5. Yes believe it,, and it can only get better.. 🙂 those moments with our children are surpassed with the moments with our grandchildren… and oh what joy they bring.. Wishing you a lovely Sunday Kim… Big Hugs Sue xox


    • Thanks, Sue. I DO believe it, as already I’m catching a glimpses of it in a little ‘Moppet Head’ who makes me laugh out loud when all the world is silent. Sunday wishes of joy and peace to you.


  6. When they’re all grown up, and crotchety adults with a sometimes skewed view of the past it’s good to have those photos to hark back to happier days. A lovely post Kim.


  7. I am late in reading this post my friend, I kept it to catch up on later and glad I did.
    A beautiful writing of valuable memories, that will be kept in the treasure chest of your heart forever.
    Emu aka Ian


    • I am always grateful to have your time spent with me here. Thank you for your heartfelt comments and beautiful words. Whenever you arrive, the “Welcome”mat awaits you.


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