Most Influential Blogger Award


A very gracious, “Thank You” to the kind and warm-hearted Sally Georgina Cronin, who blogs at, Smorgasbord-Variety is the spice of life,  She has generously nominated my blog for the, Most Influential Blogger Award.  The name of the award itself says so very much, indeed.  If I think about it for more than a minute or too deeply, I begin to question it. “Is my writing worthy?  Have I paid my dues?”  The award was originated by the fabulous, Don Charisma, so there must be thanks sent off to him as well.  Thank you, Don Charisma

Regardless, I am truly humbled by Sally’s nomination and deeply flattered to know that she believes in me enough to nominate my blog for the above award.   This is a gift of which I accept with tremendous thankfulness.   Thank you, again, Sally.

The Rules are as follows:

1.  Display the Award on your Blog

2.  Announce your win with a blog post, thanking the blogger who awarded you.  This award may NOT be included together with a “basket” or a “lump” of any other awards.  It is             special.

3.  Present 10 deserving Bloggers with the Award.

4.  Link your awardees in the post and let them know with a comment.

5.  Included an imbedded video of your current favorite song (You Tube has everything).  Just copy & paste into your WordPress Editor.  If a video is not possible, please embed a Sound CloudTrac.

I find it always difficult to choose who to nominate.  There are so many wonderful writers in this blogging world of ours.  I could probably go on and on and on.  Like Sally, I couldn’t stop at ten….

Some on this nomination list may be familiar to readers here.  Others are new with rich, wonderful voices waiting to be heard.  Others still have been in the writing world for a very long time, but are new to the “Blogging” world.  Please visit them to enjoy their various perspectives: poetry, wonderful photographs or rich words filled with deep meaning.  Congratulations to all of them.


The music I chose helps to relax me after a hectic day.  It is a lyrical mixture of tinkling bells, harmonizing flutes and the soothing strings of an oboe.  Great for mediating or listening to in the background during a candlelight massage.


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