Caterpillar Lessons and Butterfly Dreams

A bug on the ground, never seen before,

Long and round, so different.

Moving now, it floats on top of  bricks,

No legs in sight, scary I think.

Fuzzy, crawling towards me,

Slowly at first, like babies do.

Kneeling down, not quite trusting,

Sizing it up,  close and cautious.

Brown with yellow,  looking soft to me,

Grandma says, “It’s okay to touch.”

Gentle, with a finger whisper,

Careful not to hurt.

Guess what?  It’s a Caterpillar,

Soon to be a butterfly.

How can this be?

God’s magic, it’s a miracle.

Crawling creature ruffle wings into a breeze.

Lots of questions.

When will this happen?  Is it true?  Will the butterfly be blue?

Will it eat from a flower or drink from the fountain?

Can we see it dance in your garden or flutter near a rock?  Please, Grandma…P.L.E.A.S.E!

Does it fly high in the sky?  Look at me!  Like this, Grandma?  Like….this?

Butterfly, I will see you in my dreams.  Up..up..up.  See, waaay up there…

High in the sky.  Please wave to me with wings of blue on clouds of cream,

I will never forget this lesson of bugs and miracles of God.

Good-bye, Caterpillar.  I love you, Butterfly…..





36 thoughts on “Caterpillar Lessons and Butterfly Dreams

    • Thank you, Sara. Yes, my back yard. It brings me so much peace sitting there, looking at my flowers. Yesterday, I saw a doe with her hours-old baby fawn, barely able to walk. So many of God’s gifts.


  1. So beautiful Kim.. isn’t it great when they discover something new… I so love how they explore and there is no fear…. until adults instil their own fears into them.. I know my own little one loves caterpillars… beautiful photos and even more stunning words xoxo
    Love and Hug bugs xoxox


  2. Such a beautiful post, Kim! Curiosity comes with questions, and questions with more questions. Mesmerizing line this is ‘Please wave to me with wings of blue on clouds of cream.’ Thanks!


  3. This was such a precious and dear story. You made it like a poem, Kim 🙂
    I love a smart child full of joy and curiosity!
    This should be how we all “see” the world. Trite but true, seeing like a child makes everything seem brand new. What a blessing our children and grandchildren are!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! This is one of my favorite memories of my first-born grand-daughter. Such a special day it was for us! Simple, yet, “Once-in-a-Lifetime!” 💗


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