The Hero’s Journey

This is profound. Everyone needs a hero. I learned who my hero was twenty-two years ago. My eyes welled with tears while I pushed the plunger to give my frail six year-old son an insulin shot. His innocent voice stated, “Mommy, tomorrow when I go home from the hospital, I won’t need any more shots!” The trailer to this movie is for everyone. Who is your hero?

Ethereal Nature

Saw this movie, Finding Joe, last night.   Highly recommend it.  So excellent.

Pretty big synchronicity as well, for recently I have been thinking very seriously about reading “The Hero With a Thousand Faces” .

This meshes so well with my own current journey, and my playful – yet autobiographical – series of blog posts: Quest of the Knight Errant.

Actually, I had better read the book so as to find out which chapter of my journey I’m in.   Would be so good to know where I’m at!   : )

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10 thoughts on “The Hero’s Journey

  1. Hi,
    I will definitely look at the film when it comes out in DVD. Also, I recommend to anyone that would like to really write good stories with depth and sensitivity to read The Hero’s Journey and The Hero With A Thousand Faces. I have both copies sitting close to me on my bookshelf.
    The books talk about Joseph Campbell and his writing techniques that he taught and lived. There is also a film made as he was still living on some of the talks that he gave all over the USA and I believe in Europe. I haven’t seen the film but the books are excellent and they will challenge you to be the best writer that is planted within you.



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