Shame on Me!

Well, I’m coming clean.  I’m embarrassed, feeling guilty and ashamed.  Far too long ago, a dear fellow blogger nominated my blog for a ‘Domino Award.’  I accepted, filing it away in memory to follow-up with, later.  This lovely blogger corresponded with me once or twice. I remember commenting on her lovely blog.

Something happened then.  It’s called, L.I.F.E.  Days went by, the clocked ticked on.  Celebrations began, my 1st grandson was born, and suddenly I found myself unexpectedly busier than usual.  I ‘played’ with my only grand-daughter in order to give her parents a much needed break.  It was a joy, truly something I wanted to do!

Here’s my dilemma.  For the last few days, I’ve searched my comment section over and over, trying to find any vague reference what-so-ever to the above nomination.  No luck.  Worse yet, I am embarrassed to say I do not recall who nominated me!  Yes, I’m confessing…to everyone.  Shame on me!  I try to ‘follow’ many, many blogs.  Still, this is not an excuse.  I am to blame. I am the only one who is responsible for the delay, the lack of follow-up and my own embarrassment.

I could take the easy way out.  Simply forget about the nomination.  Ignore it, pretend it never happened.  There would only be two people who know….the person who nominated my blog together with me.  However, I can’t do it.  I feel too guilty.  Too ashamed.

So, if you’re out there, Fellow Blogger, and if you are willing to forgive me for my memory lapse together with my irresponsibility, please let me know.  If not, I understand.  Awards of one’s peers are not to be taken lightly.  In spite of what you may think, I truly consider each and every one to be a respected honor.  For my lack of judgment, I take 100 lashings together with tremendous embarrassment.

Regardless, I am apologizing for my lapse in memory together with the length of time in acknowledging your gift of nomination, publicly.  Shame on me!

With True Blessings to You,



14 thoughts on “Shame on Me!

  1. This happens, and I’m sure most people forgive. When it happens to me, I pop over to the blogger’s site, and type Awards in their search box & it generally comes up with all of their posts with awards in them. Good reminder though – award day for me tomorrow!


    • Yes, but “Shame on Me.” I do not remember the nominating blogger. So embarrassing to me! Thank you for the great tips, though, and good luck tomorrow. 🙂


  2. No worries, it happens all the time. You want to talk about embarrassing? I have about 30 awards I have written in a journal, waiting for my son to help me with them, as I don’t know how to do them. If you look closely at my blog it is quite obvious the one I attempted to do on my own. LOL I think, one day, I’ll just write one post mentioning all of them and explain the problem, because I’m like you, I appreciate every single award I’ve been given and take great pride in that. Sigh……………………………………………………….:)


    • No ‘happy’ for you, Tammy, but relieved that I am not the only one. How are you, my dear friend? Please let me know. My prayers are with you each and every day.


      • Thank you so much, Kim. I really need all the prayers I can get right now. I haven’t been doing too well, lately. guess where I’m going tomorrow? An ENT doctor because the pulmonologist thinks there’s something wrong with my throat and when I called to make my appointment, I asked the lady what they were going to do to me and she said check out my throat and vocal chords. sound familiar? by the way, how is that going for you? Getting any better? I’ll let you know what I find out. Let me know how your vocal chord situation is going, please. You’re also in my prayers every day. So happy for you with that new little bundle of joy, grandma. Isn’t it just great being a grandma? It’s a love like none other, a love that only a grandma can know. My grandson is now 20 months old and calls me Ma. We are Ma and Pa, isn’t that cute. That was his own doing. Hope your day was a good one and I need to attempt to sleep now, as I can barely keep these eyes open. Enjoy the rest of your night, my dear friend. Take care and I’ll let you know tomorrow what happens at the ENT.


      • Oh, Tammy, I will keep praying for you. Yes, being a “Grandma” is the greatest gift. My little two year old is such fun right now. And, the baby doll, what a dream! My vocal cord surgery has been put off time and time again, either due to infections on my part, or scheduling on the surgeon’s calender. This summer for sure. Then, rounds of vocal therapy begin, anew! 🙂 Whatever it takes! Bless and heal you, my friend.


      • Thank you, Kim. I’m having a really hard time right now, so I haven’t been on WordPress much at all, lately. I’ll write later to let you know about my visit with the ENT doctor.


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