Luck and skill

So extraordinary to capture this photograph in less time than God’s second of breath…..

Mike Powell

I was on my hands and knees last Friday, trying to get a shot of a small wildflower growing on the forest floor, when a bee landed on the very flower on which I was focusing. What are the odds of that happening at the moment when my eye was glued to the viewfinder and I was focusing manually?

The flower was only about four inches (10 cm) tall, which gives you an idea of the low angle from which I was shooting. After a second or two on the first flower (shown in the second shot), the bee moved to an adjacent flower, and I took the image I presented first. It’s interesting to note the narrowness of the depth of field—in the first shot below, I managed to focus on the bee’s head, whereas in the second shot, the focus point was more on the center of its…

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6 thoughts on “Luck and skill

  1. They are scattered through the woods at this time of the year in the marshland park where I take a lot of photos, though I didn’t learn until today what they are called. There is such amazing beauty in the simple, ordinary things and that is often what I try to capture in my photos.

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