Inner Peace Award

With great thanks I accept Belsbror’s blog nomination for the beautiful, Inner Peace Award.  Please drop by to view at,  You will discover a vast array of writings including little stories on life in this world.  Belsbror is most interesting indeed.  A blog filled with a terrific portfolio of awards itself, of which you will see when you visit there.

There is only one ‘Rule’ for accepting the nomination for the, Inner Peace Award.  I am to write a short piece entailing, “Why I am accepting it.”  The reason for it, I guess.

I would like to say that I never truly felt “Inner Peace” until I began to write my blog here at WordPress.  This may sound cheesy or unbelievable to you, but it’s true.  Sure, I had ‘peaceful’ moments in my past…blissful, happy ones to be sure.  Still, nothing compares to sighing silently in the dawn of light, tapping letters in the hush of solitude that truly gives me, inner peace.

I wish for my readers the same.


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