Morning Tree

photo (2)

Early shadows dancing on buff colored siding,

God’s gift of nature balances on branches….hiding.

A chirp, a tweet, a song to sing,

Do not stop or feathered wings will soar into skies of azure.

Look closely now to see a tiny rooftop home swing from side to side

On a flowered arm, tempting me…..

Suddenly all is clear, I can’t resist

Hopping up to peek inside the ‘O.’

Ahhh…..baited breath beholds

A tiny toasted nest in a bosom of infinite blackness.

Speckled sparrow eggs…1-2-3-4,

Warming in my Morning Tree.




26 thoughts on “Morning Tree

      • You’re welcome Kim. Well, I’m still beautiful don’t know about the bright part though. Oh, you mean the weather? It’s good.


      • Hahaha, Laurie. Yes, ‘you’ are beautiful, too. Always. Someday, I’m taking a trip your way. It’s on my ‘bucket list.’ Keep the weather the same for me, please. 🙂


      • Why thank you. 🙂 One thing about down under Kim there’s always some part of it that’s nice and warm. We’re expecting a touch of cooler weather this week and there’s snow forecast for the southern alps on the weekend, so the alpine lodge operators will be happy.


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