Miracle Eggs

My family enjoyed a delightful day being together on Easter Sunday.  The sky was full of sunshine and blueness.  Breezy air felt fresh and clean, giving off warm scents of toasty baby blankets fallen from dryers, powdered with newness.  Grass was green and soft to fall upon.  Tall enough for baby bunnies to hole up under pines near plastic eggs hidden for toddlers eyes.  Soon the hunt was on for hidden treasures of rainbow-colored jelly beans, princess stickers, or jewels to wear.

The spirit of re-birth was everywhere my eyes could see.  Pale yellow daffodils looked lovely ‘hiding’ a carefully placed egg or two.  Birds flew near feeders chirping loudly for humans to move away.   Newly built homes hung on branches only the day before, had already been ‘rented’ out for the season.  Feathered heads poked out to see what the fuss was all about.

The most important thing to me was the time spent with family.  How quickly it seemed to multiply, like bunnies in the grass.  While placing flowered china plates near padded chairs for Easter Brunch, I realized how quickly life changed in less than a year.  My youngest son’s girlfriend and her angel daughter was joining us this special holiday.  A high chair was added to seat the little girl whose father abandoned her before birth.   My son has stepped in.  He seems to care for this little family of two a great deal, wearing his open heart wide upon his sleeve.  Only God will decide what happens next.  Until then, all are welcome at my table.

On the other side of glass baskets filled with sequined eggs, a new ‘booster seat’ sits on a solid chair for my precious grand-daughter, “Gracie-Girl.”  Yes, she’s getting to be sooo, B.I.G!  She has a tray with a cup-holder for her sweet almond milk with a new pink bunny plate that holds her French vanilla toast.  Don’t try to help her…she can do it all by herself!

Sitting next to Gracie is her mama, dressed in a lovely cream, lace dress.  Her tummy is heavy and big, carrying my first grand-son.  He’s expected to arrive in this wondrous world in approximately two weeks….or less.  So much anticipation, now.  Yes, the spirit of re-birth and newness was apparent no matter where I looked on Easter Sunday.

Later in the quiet of the day, I sat next to my daughter-in-law to chat about the miracle growing inside of her.  She was tired, resting her legs and feet up on a stool.  She made a remark about, “not much room being left in her womb.”  The baby was getting so big.  At that very moment a wave drifted across her belly from one shore to the next.  It crested through the lace of her delicate cream dress.  Everyone’s eyes lit up in wonderment.

My sweet daughter-in-law, blushed.  She smiled while caressing her angelic unborn infant with the both of her hands.  The gift of life.  So lucky we are….


15 thoughts on “Miracle Eggs

  1. Seeing your little one gathering Easter eggs brings back beautiful memories. It conjures up visions from my memory of long ago times and squeals of delight. Although we were not able to be all together because of distance my seven year old grand-daughter did hunt for eggs. Her momma too is expecting in June and will deliver a beautiful baby girl for all of us to love. Yes spring is welcoming new life into our family this year.
    Thank you for the memories. :o)


    • Oh, so happy for you, Patricia. We will have new babies to ‘share!’ The doctor told my daughter-in-law, “any day now.” My bag is packed, ready to go….:)


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