Early last evening, God put a temporary halt to the warmth of spring.  Looking up, a sky in the color of dove grey seemed to sway while an ‘Overture’ played from heaven.  Magnificent clouds in various sizes drifted along.  They looked like artists sketches drawn in charcoal pencil.  Some of them were smudged on their sides…just a little, by the tips of fingers to ‘appear’ imperfect…like God would do.

One by one, I typed words on my keyboard. Then, the sound of the sky opened up.  Sheets of rain pounded on the chipped, cement road behind me. Turning in my swivel chair, I saw a cloudburst of rain fall fast and hard.  Splatters of wet jumped high in the air while drenches of more fell low to the ground.  A narrow stream of mini-rapids, the color of weak coffee with too much cream rushed outside my window ledge.  I could see it flowing there.   A slight current of tiny twigs toward a sewer drain.

Suddenly, lofty winds whipped up and around, as though I hit a button on my kitchen blender.  Walking through to the other room, I looked out bow windows.  Patio chairs scraped across patterned red bricks before lifting into the air like potato chips.  My grand-daughter’s special pink rocker sailed into the neighbor’s yard where it fell next to a bent yellow daffodil.

Last night our local news station reported the possibility of “snow showers.”  They were seen in, “Kansas City,” the reporter said.  Really???  I could hardly believe my ears.  Sure enough, my ‘forecaster’ son texted the same.  This afternoon’s temperature is 37 degrees. On Saturday, St. Louis had a high of 84!  “I couldn’t have asked for anything more…”

No longer do I remember what I was writing about, last night.  That’s when God decided to shake things up a bit.  Clicking letters on a black keyboard went silent. The bright light of a computer screen shut down.  Instead of sitting in my chair, I raised from it to stare at sights of nature.

If snowflakes do dance from above tonight or tomorrow, they will have a very brief interlude.  Our ground is now covered with a blanket of warmth.  In the woods and near the roads are Bradford pear trees blooming with puffy white flowers.  From afar, they remind me of popcorn balls.  Everywhere else I see gorgeous Redbud trees, exploding in clusters of vibrant lavender blooms.

And, just outside my dining area, birds coupled in pairs are singing at feeders.  Sunny yellow Finches, ruby red Cardinals, and brilliant Blue Jays are stopping by to eat between building their nests of tomorrow.

This is after all the week of Easter.  A time for new life to begin.


23 thoughts on “Renewal

    • Geg, thank you very much. I love ‘nature’ so: drop me in the middle of it one day! 🙂 No computer, no phone, no work. Just a pen, a camera and a piece of paper.


  1. Let it fall on my face
    on every race
    the drops of love
    the skies of dove.
    What beauty you put through your words! Here also there were showers and grey skies. Nature has many gifts for us. Bob Marley once said “Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.”


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