Angel Award

The Lovely Angel Award

I have been nominated by the magnificent and mysterious, Iliana, the White Rabbit, who blogs at,, for the lovely Angel Award.

To be nominated for this award is a special gift.  I am a great admirer of The White Gallery, blog for its exceptional creativity, among other things.  You must stop by for a visit.  Such a treat it is, like no other bog I’ve read or seen. Surely an angel has created it in disguise, one who has touched my heart and soul with this nomination.

There are no, “Rules” of acceptance other than posting this awesome award.  So simple!  I cannot believe my good fortune.  Surely there must be angels flying everywhere to have one land on me…..

Thank you, Iliana.


15 thoughts on “Angel Award

  1. Congrat´s. Myself was also given that award by White Rabbit and I have to say that she is truly an exceptional writer that I might add has a good eye for other writers. So you certainly deserve it.


  2. Just got to read this…I’m a White Rabbit who is slow as a Turtle! How ironic is that? I guess it is what keeps my momentum going. This was truly a beautiful post. Thank you so much for your words that reflect unconditional love. Hugs and Kisses…Iliana the White Rabbit! 🙂


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