God’s Treasured Gifts

My dreams are often like a drifting boat on a charcoal sea.  A lifeline is attached, teasing me.  While treading water my arms reach out as far as they can go.  Far, far out.  Farther still.  Spitting water, I struggle while grasping at nothing.  Is it the dream or the lifeline that calls out to me?   Then, with one more wave washing over, I’m under.  When I surface, my dream together with the boat has disappeared…..

In the darkness before dawn I woke with a start.  Feeling out of breath, I broke out in a sweat trying to remember what my mind played only seconds before.  It was as if I saw an old-fashioned picture show.  With a quilt tucked under my chin, I heard the sounds of my breathing.  In and out…in and out.  Then, I held my breath to hear what ‘nothing’ sounded like.  Stop for a second.  Have you ever heard it?  The sound of quiet air all around you in the silent of the night?

Exactly a year ago today, I became ill.  I’ve written about it often here.  After recuperating, I was left with a condition known as paresis, meaning I had a paralyzed vocal cord, http://wp.me/s41md8-sounds.  There is a connection here to the dream that played within my pillowed head a short time ago.

Left on a gurney in the operating room, I saw several faces looking down at me from above. Too close to my own, they invaded my space wearing green masks over moving mouths.  The scene reminded me of a re-run from an old television show called, The Twilight Zone.  As a young girl, I remember being disturbed by this particular episode.  It was like passing an automobile accident on a highway.   I knew not to look, but I turned back to sneak a peek…forever sorry at the horror before me.

I haven’t met with my potential surgeon for a final consultation, but I see him within the next few weeks.  My referring physician did not feel ‘comfortable’ doing such a “delicate” procedure.  Perhaps this is why I am so anxious?  She assures me however, that her colleague is excellent at this precise operation and has done many of them.  I will keep you posted.

Hopefully, there will soon be an end to my sore throat together with my daily vocal exercises.  I will swallow water without pain, enjoy the taste of food once again, gain some weight and most importantly, have the full use of my speaking voice.  Day after day, God’s treasured gifts are taken for granted.

We do not need to look far to see what they are…..


24 thoughts on “God’s Treasured Gifts

  1. Sorry to hear about your condition, Kim. I hope and pray that it will all go well. God is in control and we can only trust His words and have faith in His promises. Prayer has become my ultimate pedestal. It has helped me get through difficult times and the miracles were like new beginnings. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings to you. Have a lovely day! ❤


  2. Beautiful and inspiring, Kim! When I read this ‘The sound of quiet air all around you in the silence of the night’, and then when I read ‘Day after day, God’s treasured gifts are taken for granted,’ – I indeed want to stop for a second – breathe in and breathe out – and respect life and its offerings. Trust me, everything will go fine with your surgery as I can see you’re preparing well.


    • Mahesh, thank you, for your comforting words. Ironically, I found myself taking a deep breath in while reading them. So nervous I am about someone cutting on my throat..and yet I fear it must be done. Thank you, more words to come soon. 🙂


  3. you are in my thoughts and prayers today – 🙂 and may the Lord give you strength, grace, and patience as your body heals up – and may He also give wisdom and knowledge to all that you in counter….. IJN – amen


  4. Beautifully written, Kim. As I always enjoy reading what you write because you do write so beautifully and from the heart. God will be watching over you and keeping you safe and he will also bless you with the best surgeons that have the knowledge and wisdom to perform such an operation. Let me know when you have a date. I’ll still be praying, but I would like to pray a little extra the night before and the day of your operation. You’ll do fine and before you know it, we’ll not only be talking while drinking that wine, we may just be doing a little singing while we’re at it. Just to let you know I can’t sing, but I do it anyway. LOL You better start listening to some Led Zeppelin and get to practicing. LOL I love you, girl and I’m thinking about you at this time. I know you are anxious, but remember God will be in total control, you’ll be fine. What better hands to be in than the hands of our creator?
    Peace, love, and hugs,
    Wild Thang:)


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