Queen Anne’s Lace

Early last evening the sky began to open.  Dry snow began to sprinkle down from heaven above.  It fell loose and landed randomly.  White powder reminded me of the sugar I used to watch my grandmother shake from a round sifter she kept in a metal kitchen drawer.  It was made of silver wire with a wooden handle painted in red.

My grandmother shook the ‘snow’ over stencils in the shape of a half-moon or triple sets of stars placed on top of a chocolate cake or brownies made from scratch.  Nearby, in her white porcelain sink floated used mixing bowls in colors of yellow, green and pink.

Yesterday, I’ll admit to feeling a little blue when the snow began to spill.  After all, it is nearly the end of March.  It seems as though God has put a temporary lid on our usual box of seasons here.  The spring that sprung only days ago is once again hidden underground.  For now….

Enchanting patterns fell to resting places atop the very tips of landscaped bushes surrounding my home.  Like miniature stars.   Still, I took them to be a sign of spring.  They were clusters that looked like, Queen Anne’s Lace.  The same flowers seen in fields of whispering wheat or near the sides of bicycle roads.  When I was a child they grew wild behind my grandmother’s green garage.  If snow hadn’t showered yesterday, I wouldn’t be thinking of my grandmother’s kitchen stencils or chocolate cake today.

Warm memories bursting forth through cold tufts of snow.  Spring has sprung after all.

God’s way to let me know…..

photo 2  photo 3  photo 4photo 1

8 thoughts on “Queen Anne’s Lace

  1. The way you write evokes such fond memories of my childhood. Time spent in the kitchen with my Grandmother and mother. I can almost taste he sugar 🙂 You write so vividly and beautifully. Thanks for sharing. I hope this snow is the last of it! Where are you spring?


    • Oh, Alisa, you are so kind to say so. My maternal grandmother was a woman who loved to bake, with a heart of gold. How I miss her! I didn’t write it in my post, but I have her wire sifter today, in my own kitchen drawer. 🙂


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