The Birthday Girl

The sounds of a woodpecker woke me up this morning.  Vibrations of his beak hammering into a tree swept through the woods together with scampering squirrels ruffling under piles of dry leaves.  The remains of a few crinkled leaves drifted into the breeze.  Remnants of dried reds and browns landed on my patio for me to sweep away later in the day.

Today is special for me and my family.   It is my only grandchild’s birthday.  “Gracie-Girl” turns two!  Her celebration of glittery cake and colored balloons is not until Saturday.  All of her friends and family will be together at a party with “Mini-Mouse,” and sticky glue.  I will wait my turn to see her then, but in my mind today, I’ll be thinking back.  Remembering…..

My husband and I were still in bed when we got the call from our son.  “Dad, it’s time,” he said.  This was the moment we had been waiting for!  Jumping up and about, we nearly fell to the floor.  So excited we were!  Quickly, I fed the dog before splashing cold water on my face.  Clothes flew every which way. We brushed our teeth.  My husband grabbed his keys.  In the car, I combed my hair.

Once at the hospital, we sat for hours with other families who waited for bits of news.  Each time a nurse whizzed by, someone jumped up like a Jack in the Box.  Had ‘their’ baby arrived?   Finally it was our turn to hear that ‘she’ was here.  Mom and baby were fine.  Daddy too, thank God.  I felt like a bubble about to burst.  Soon we would see the little face that we’d been waiting for.   One split second to last forever.

Quietly we swung open the heavy brown door to behold the most beautiful infant child, all scrunched up and pink.  Sucking on her fingers, I think.  There she was swaddled in a soft flannel blanket, wearing a pastel knit cap.  My eyes met hers.  She met mine.  I could hardly believe this itty-bitty body was somehow a part of my first-born son?   The babe I had given birth to on a cold blizzard night long ago.  It seemed like only yesterday………

“Please, pick her up,” my daughter-in-law, said, wearing a tired smile.  Carefully, I cradled my barely there grand-daughter in my arms.  Gently, I rocked her like any grandmother would.  Back and forth….back and forth…..My son beamed while his exhausted wife glowed.  I loved them so.  They were parents now.  The pride I felt during that moment can not be described.

A new family overflowing with love, health and happiness.  Such a miracle.  Holding my new grand baby in my arms felt like a cloud must feel like in heaven.  As a mother, I thanked God there and then. I could not ask for anything more.  He had given it all to me.

Gracie is two today.  My son and his little family of three is soon growing to four.  My first grandson is due in May.  As happy as everyone was on that day two years ago, they are even happier today.  I cry tears of joy for them.

My heart is brimming with love for all of my family.  I give thanks to God.  


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16 thoughts on “The Birthday Girl

  1. Truly, children are blessings. They are a great inspiration for all of the ‘grown’ ups. Thank you for sharing such beautiful moments.


  2. really enjoyed this – 🙂 and happy b-day to the 2 year old. woo hoo. 😉
    I like your writing – and how you praise God for it all – and this was my favorite line:

    “My son beamed while his exhausted wife glowed…”


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