A short post today!

I must confess to knowing very little about blogging in general.  Slowly I’m learning………You, my readers have been so very patient with me.

Quite often I have been asked for more information. “What is your story?” Where did you come from?”  “What is your background?”  “What led you to become a writer?”

The truth is, like all of you out there, I have many “stories” within this shell of mine.  Through the help of a dear friend, I decided to add pages to my blog.  Yes, I said “add pages” to my blog.  So easy, yet, the mere concept initially daunted me.  Soon I was writing an e-mail that said, “Help me, PLEASE!”  My lack of knowledge was pathetic, I admit it.   I do not mind if all of you are having a little chuckle on my behalf……see, I have left room for it here………………….  🙂  🙂  🙂  :).

At the top of my blog you will now see two new pages. “Awards,” and “About Me,”  Yes, I did it, I am learning.  Please, do not give up on me, dear readers.  Hopefully, you will not find my new pages boring.  There is a lot within this life of mine.  I could have written a book.  Oh yes, I’ve been working on that.  Yet, we writers are often the best at procrastination too.  I left that part out……

I wish for you a smile within a happy day.

17 thoughts on “Learning

  1. And here I am thinking you’ve been blogging for sometime. I couldn’t tell, Kim. You are doing great! We all have been there. It was overwhelming for me when I started simply because I was worried about my English and fearful about being butchered if I say something st_p_d. . I didn’t have the confidence if I can keep up. But, I’m getting the hang of it now. Hang in there. You are not alone. 🙂


  2. well cool that you are adding another page – but to be honest, I like the simplicity of certain blogs – and yours has a nice calm feel to it – with your toned down green and yellow – and a bit of tan – and well, some blogs get me dizzy and have too much going on. But I guess it depends on the blogger and there wants for that season. oh – and for some reason, my least favorite blogs are the ones with the black backs and sides – and then white letters – or the ones that you cannot access the recent post quickly – because I think clicking home should bring us to the recent post – but again – I guess that also depends on the blogger and his need at the time – and static pages – or drop down features can be the feature. I dunnno….

    anyhow, congrats on learning…. 🙂


    • Such a good point you make. I plan to keep my blog’s appearance simple. It calms me and seems to fit the theme of trials I often write about. Thank you for your input. You and other readers are why I’m writing here. 🙂


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