Spring Anticipation

My dog woke me early this morning with a wet nose to my own.  Struggling to raise my sleepy head, I lifted a lid.  Two round eyes, the color of coal smiled while shaking a wagging tail that matched his coat.  Fluffy and white, like cotton, he reminded me of a miniature snowman, the size a toddler would roll around.

When it’s freezing outside, my dog barely drags himself off the bed.  Like humans in early morn, he’s not in a hurry to disturb his restful slumber of warmth and wonder.  Yet, something was different today.   I could tell by the way he acted.  My “Doodle” dog ran all around, jumping up and down.  He was excited to go for a walk.  “Get dressed,” he barked.

Within minutes we were both outside strolling down an icy street under a sky of blazing sun.  It felt almost balmy.  In the high 20’s, I think.  Ice cycles hung in swirling shapes like I remember licking as a child.  They dripped slowly from eves of houses onto driveways making puddles….plop…..plop….plop.

Walking around the bend, past woods and our little forest land, I looked to see if my “deer friends” were eating breakfast yet.  I didn’t see them.  Surely they were hidden deep within, near barren trees or piles of dampened leaves.  In a few months fawns would be born.  Last summer a doe gave birth under a pine tree in my back yard.  It was God’s miracle there for me to see.

Doodles was thrilled to be out and about.  He’d been cooped up for days.  Perhaps he had a bit of “Cabin Fever” nudging him?  I realized that in spite of the ice on the road and the cold temperatures of late, the calendar did say, “March.”  Even grasses were turning green under snows left over from the weekend storm.  Spring was about to be sprung.

It was early in the morning and all was quiet except the noises of nature.  I haven’t heard them for many months or more.  Our winter has been never-ending.  Today, creatures were up and awake.  Little ones to be sure, but still I heard them everywhere.  Songs and sounds of different birds, singing to each other from penthouse suites of skyscraper trees.

Melodies played like symphonies.  The musical timing was perfect of my feathered friends, taking turns with their triumphant tunes.  When one lyric floated away, a ballad began to play.  What a beautiful beginning to my day!

The excitement of my dog made perfect sense to me.  Somewhere inside his fluffy white dog body, he sensed that spring was in the air.  Birds were singing songs in trees, grasses were growing greener under barely-there piles of snow, and deer were waiting to give birth in a couple of months or more

Ice cycles were melting for the last of winter’s year.  At least, we’re hoping so!




12 thoughts on “Spring Anticipation

  1. Oh, I love your dog!!! What kind of dog is it? I have always wanted a dog like that! So cute!! 🙂 And I love your early spring story as well! Sounds like a lovely walk 🙂


    • Oh, thank you so much. My sweet “Doodles,” is a Bischon Frise, primarily bred for companionship. He is the perfect pet for a writer, sitting by my desk all day. The breed is hypoallergenic, with no shedding or dander which I love! Easy to train, loyal, lovable in every way and great with babies and (grand) children too. Not a “yappy” dog, but will let you know if someone is lurking about. He does need to be groomed about every six weeks, but I don’t even brush him in between! You’d love him, and he would love you!! 🙂


      • I’ve had three different breeds in my life and have loved then all. By far, my Doodle dog hits all the highest marks for, “Best in Show” as far as my lifestyle goes. Great for an apartment or a house too, if you get him out for a walk or two. So loving they are. Stay away from pet stores. Find a good home breeder with a “Mama” whose had only one or two litters. Keep me posted. I’m so excited for you!


  2. Oh, thank you!! Yes, I need a dog for companionship! I sit alone writing and drawing all day, it gets little lonely!
    Thank you for all the information! Doodles sounds lovely!! I will write all this down now so I remember it 🙂


  3. fun post – and loved the little things – like “dripped slowly from eves of houses onto driveways making puddles….plop…..plop….plop.”
    and spring is truly in the air – whew – I am so ready too.


    • Thank you. I love how you zero in on things, pieces of language that come into my head before falling onto the computer screen. So appreciate your comments. 🙂


  4. What a lovely post! I was imagining your walk. When I saw the pictures, my jaw dropped. It must have been a lovely walk. Beautiful pictures and your “Doodle” dog is so adorable. Thanks for sharing.


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