Joyous “Bundle of Awards”

I must thank someone who has nominated my blog for the most joyous, “Bundle of Awards.”  I do not know how to thank him.  Yes, me, the person who usually has many words to “say.”  I am humbled, thankful, and “speechless” trying to tap something out on my keyboard today.

Mahesh Nair, is the person who has nominated my blog.  He too, is nominated for these awards,  If he should win, I will be extremely happy and excited for him!  He has the most wonderful, award-winning blog himself.   Please stop by to visit,  You will find him to be an honest, sincere, kind man who writes wonderful words.  When he believes in something, whether it is a cause or a mission he sticks with it.  Mahesh has values in life, ideals of importance and meaning.  You will note many varieties in his writing which broaden his “voice.”  Trained as an actor as well as a writer, he brings many perspectives to the words he taps out.

It is ironic in this virtual writing world since I do not “know” Mahesh, personally, yet through his writings I feel like I do.  I have great respect for him as a person.  Given the chance, he is someone I would enjoy drinking a cup of coffee while discussing life with.

Thank you, kindly, Mahesh, for your nomination.  I wish you the best of luck, and to the other nominees as well.

Shauny Award-For Blogging Excellence

Shauny Award

Dragon’s Loyalty Award


Very Inspiring Blogging Award


Liebster Award

liebster blog share the love

Sunshine Award


Award for Love and Kindness


3 thoughts on “Joyous “Bundle of Awards”

  1. You are very kind, Kim! If you think I am good in any way it’s because you are “very good” yourself.

    The reason I like you and can relate to your blog or the fact that you always top the list of my favorites, is because you are truthful, intelligent, loving and compassionate – a rare mix of qualities in a human. I will be good if I am even 10% of what you are.

    By the way, ‘nomination’ means ‘winning’ here as far as I understand. So I won and when I nominate you, you win, and when you nominate someone they win. I know nomination shouldn’t be the right word but that has been the trend perhaps.

    And yes I’d love to have coffee with you 🙂

    Thanks so much! 🙂


    • A rare day I shall have with such kind compliments, Mahesh. However, it is God who tests our lives with trials; often changing “for the better” the person inside. You are no less “good” than anyone else who walks upon this earth. And, yes, you are right. I have already won from your generous, nomination! 🙂


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