I’ve been privileged to witness positive lessons in love and natural family bonding.  My son and daughter-in-law will welcome their second baby this coming spring.  This miracle will be born sometime during the first week in May, the doctor has projected.  A precious infant boy is expected.

While visiting family this past weekend, it was delightful to see my grand-daughter kissing her mother’s growing tummy.  She is the little moppet child who delights me so by tugging on my hand to say, “Grandma, come!” When asked where her “Baby Brother” was coming from, she giggled while lifting up her t-shirt.  “Your belly?” we asked, in exaggerated astonishment.  “Yes,” she answered, teasingly.

If ever I needed a camera it was then.  A “Norman Rockwell,” painting it could have been! I saw the profile of a mother caressing her bulging belly with loving hands.   My grand-daughter ran to her, stopping in front to teeter on tippy toes.  Leaning gently forward, she puckered up to kiss an unborn angel’s imaginary cheek.  It was as if a tiny blushed rosebud blew whispers of love through her brother’s sanctuary.

Later, my son put his arm around his wife.  There, he rested his head upon her soft shoulder length hair.  He looked like he felt, pure heaven.  “I can’t wait until our baby boy is here,” he whispered in her ear.  A dreamy smile swept across his face.  Perhaps he had silent thoughts of playing ball or catching dragonflies in nighttime skies?

The dynamics of family bonding change when a miracle is about to arrive.  Love grows deeper. Trust becomes stronger.  Joy is never hidden.  Toddlers are taught.

And, heaven is found on earth……

Little Girl Kissing Mom

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